Investing in LPL

Invest in LPLThe Lunar and Planetary Laboratory has accomplished some amazing things over its five-decade history: in the research that has been accomplished, the students who have been educated, and the spacecraft missions, asteroid surveys, and other technical programs that we have operated.

In an environment as creative as this, it's not surprising that there are always a host of good ideas for what to do next. Some of these projects and ideas get funded (often by NASA) and become success stories. Many of the projects are never realized because there is no way to pay for them. So, although we do not expect gifts to replace state funding or funding received from competitive grants and contracts, gifts sometimes make it possible for us to manifest ideas and projects that otherwise could not be accomplished.

Visit the award links on this page for some some stories highlighting gifts we have received, or specific activities made possible by gifts. If you would like to support LPL, its programs and students, please consider giving online through The University of Arizona Foundation.

If you prefer to send your support by mail, you can print and complete the Support for Students and Programs form (PDF). Please send:

  1. The PDF form
  2. Your check
  3. Any matching-gift forms to:

Manager, Academic Affairs
Department of Planetary Sciences
Lunar and Planetary Laboratory
P.O. Box 210092
The University of Arizona

Tucson AZ 85721-0092

Gifts are 100% tax deductible.