Department Life

LPL strives to address inherent problems that exist within planetary science, and academia in general. To help raise awareness, provide resources, and produce an accessible platfrom for these problems, we developed this department life section of our website. Updates will be ongoing, as our awareness and actions to address these problems evolve. 

Our Department Life Committee (DLC) is committed to creating a working environment at LPL that is safe, welcoming, and inclusive for all. The DLC exists as an important resource for anybody in the department who is experiencing problems at LPL, regardless of employment status or the nature of challenges. For more information on the DLC and its members, visit the Department Life Committee page.

LPL is at the forefront of planetary and space sciences, and as such must stand as an ally to and in solidarity with people of color, immigrants of all statuses, women, people with disabilities, trans people, LGBQIA+ people, and all those who intersect these groups. We strongly believe that the science and knowledge we pursue everyday is not only a human pursuit, but also strengthened through the participation of these historically minoritized groups. All of us in planetary science must recognize that past practices in science have not been welcoming or encouraging to these groups. To move forward, we must all actively engage in counteracting the ongoing issues these groups face within our field.