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Shane Byrne


  • Patricio Becerra (PTYS)
  • Ali Bramson (PTYS)
  • Margaret Landis (PTYS)
  • Jamie Molaro (PTYS)


  • Serina Diniega, 2010 (Applied Mathematics)
  • Priyanka Sharma, 2012 (PTYS)


  • Jonathan Bapst
Shane Byrne
Associate Professor
Planetary sciences
Ph.D., 2003, California Institute of Technology

Kuiper   #524

Years with LPL:  2007 to present


Dr. Byrne’s principal research interests are in surface processes on planetary bodies throughout the solar system, especially those processes which affect, or are driven by, planetary ices.

Mostly he investigates the formation and modification of the Martian polar ice deposits. Currently, he is also working on concentration of volatiles in the polar craters of the Moon and Mercury and on the possibility of surface frosts on large asteroids such as Ceres.
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CV for Dr. Byrne (PDF)


  • Short-term climate record from landscape evolution in the martian residual CO2 cap
  • Linking Visible and Radar Stratigraphy in the Martian Polar Deposits
  • Quantitative Stratigraphy of North Polar Basal Layers
  • Volatile Migration on Ceres and Other Large Asteroids
  • Space Imagery Center: A NASA Regional Planetary Image Facility
  • Thermal Weathering in the Inner Solar System: NASA, Planetary Geology and Geophysics Program
  • Linking climate and geology: The recent Accumulation of North Polar ice on Mars
  • Advanced Change Detection Studies of Martian Dunes


High Resolution Science Experiment (HiRISE): Co-Investigator


High-Resolution Stereo Color Imager (HiSCI): Deputy-PI
Chronos Mars-scout proposal (2006) Co-Investigator
MOSAIC Mars-scout proposal (2006) Co-Investigator
Boreale Explorer Mars-scout proposal (2006) Co-Investigator
Mars Orbiter Laser Altimeter (MOLA) (2002-2006)
MIT manned lunar exploration initiative (2004-2005)
Landing site selection, Mars Polar Lander (1999)


NASA ADS Author search: Shane Byrne


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