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Renu Malhotra


  • Youngmin JeongAhn (PTYS)
  • Sarah Morrison (PTYS)


  • David Minton, 2009 (PTYS)
  • Amaya Moro-Martin, 2004 (Astronomy)
  • Matthew Tiscareno, 2004 (PTYS)
  • Kathryn Volk, 2013 (PTYS)


  • Stephen Kortenkamp
  • Joseph Hahn
Renu Malhotra
Orbital dynamics, Theoretical astrophysics
Ph.D., 1988, Cornell University

Kuiper   #515

Years with LPL:  2000 to present


Prof. Malhotra's research spans orbital dynamics in the solar system and in exo-solar planetary systems. Current topics of research are: the orbital migration history of the giant planets, chaos and stability in the Kuiper belt, dynamics of near-Earth and main belt asteroids, the meteoritic bombardment history of the terrestrial planets, and architectures of exosolar planetary systems.
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  • Multiple Planet-Debris Disk Interactions: Probing Planetary System Evolution: NESSF
  • Dynamical structure and evolution of the young solar system: NSF
  • Planetary migration and Kuiper belt dynamics: NASA


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