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Bob McMillan
Associate Research Scientist
Asteroid surveys, Spacewatch, Planetary astronomy
Ph.D., 1977, University of Texas at Austin

Kuiper   #225

Years with LPL:  1979 to present


Dr. McMillan is in charge of the Spacewatch survey of the solar system for near-Earth asteroids, main-belt asteroids, Centaurs, comets, and Trans-Neptunian objects. He is also a Co-Investigator on the Science Team of the Wide-field Infrared Survey Explorer (WISE) spacecraft mission that completed its infrared survey of the whole sky with multiple passes. His roles for that mission include ground-based followup observations of asteroids and comets discovered by WISE, leader of the solar system working group of the WISE mission, and Cognizant Scientist for initial boresight alignment of the Attitude Determination and Control System with the science detectors of the spacecraft. In 2010 during the flight phase of the mission, McMillan's Spacewatch team contributed more recovery observations, by a factor of 2, of Near-Earth Objects recently discovered by WISE than any other asteroid followup station.

McMillan's career has included studies of variable stars, statistics of stellar populations, interstellar dust, interstellar magnetic fields, planetary atmospheres, Doppler shift spectroscopy of stars, astronomical instrumentation, and surveys of asteroids. He has worked in the last four disciplines from 1979 to the present while at the Lunar and Planetary Laboratory at the University of Arizona.

McMillan's group at LPL was the first to publish stellar Doppler shift (radial velocity; RV) measurements better than +/-20 meters per second (m/s) in a refereed journal. They also made the first reliable detection of p-mode oscillations in a star other than the Sun (Arcturus), discovered the spectroscopic binary of then-longest known period, and established a new upper limit on the RV stability of the Sun observed as a point source. That limit was published in 1993 and as of 2011 has been neither challenged nor surpassed. McMillan also further investigated techniques to measure the RVs of stars in ways that minimize contamination of Doppler shift measurements by effects intrinsic to stellar atmospheres. He returned to the field in 2007 as a collaborator with a group from the U. S. Naval Observatory who used a prototype of a newly designed dispersed Fourier Transform Spectrometer to measure the RVs of binary stars with the 2.3-meter Bok Telescope of the Steward Observatory.

As Co-Investigator and Project Scientist of Prof. Tom Gehrels' Spacewatch Project, McMillan guided the physical realization of CCD surveying as a productive method of exploring the solar system for asteroids and comets. McMillan became the Principal Investigator of Spacewatch in mid-1997. In 2000 McMillan discovered large Trans-Neptunian Object 2000 WR106, now known as Minor Planet (20000) Varuna. The 1.8-m telescope was completed and the 0.9-m was completely rebuilt with all new optics and detectors under McMillan's leadership, and the 0.9-m scope was fully automated in 2006. Spacewatch makes more observations of potentially hazardous asteroids while they are distant and faint than any other group.

CV for Dr. McMillan (PDF)


  • Spacewatch Project: Grants from NASA Near-Earth Object Observation Program
  • Asteroid Research funded by the Brinson Foundation of Chicago, IL


Wide-field Infrared Survey Explorer mission
Near-Earth Object Camera
Principal Investigator of Spacewatch (ground-based)


Pioneer 11/Saturn (1979-1980)


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Robert S. McMillan has also co-authored 1,145 Minor Planet Electronic Circulars (MPECs) describing discoveries and followup astrometry of minor planets and comets, and contributed to hundreds more MPECs in Daily Orbital Updates from the Minor Planet Center without explicit author attribution. He has also co-authored 36 IAU Circulars, and dozens of other astronomical publications not listed above since 1971.