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Joellen Russell


  • Zachary Naiman (Geosciences)


  • Juan Lora, 2014 (PTYS)
Joellen Russell
Associate Professor
Geosciences, Planetary sciences
Ph.D., 1999, Scripps Institution of Oceanography

GS  309

Years with LPL:  2012 to present


My research addresses the role of the westerly winds in the Earth's climate system. My main focus has been on the Southern Ocean, which accounts for up to half of the annual oceanic uptake of anthropogenic carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and for about 70% of the excess heat that is transferred from the atmosphere into the ocean each year. I use the latest global coupled climate models and the latest Earth System Models to address the critical problems in climate science (in the present, the near and longer-term future, the recent past, and the deep past). My recent work also includes: patterns of drought in the continental US; the interactions and feedbacks between orogeny and orography and regional and global climate; and the circulation of the methane atmosphere on Saturn's moon Titan.

Dr. Russell's Biogeochemical Dynamics Laboratory webpage.

CV for Dr. Russell (PDF)


  • Scientific Committee on Antarctic Research (SCAR), "AntarcticClimate21" (with 5 other co-PIs), $120K, 7/1/2012-6/30/2018.
  • NASA - NESSF, "Modeling Titan's Atmospheric Dynamics and their Interaction with Methane" (with J. Lora), $90K, 09/01/12-08/31/14
  • NSF "Collaborative Research: Tracking Long-Term Glacial-Interglacial Wind Pattern Variability In Central Asia Using Geochemical Analysis Of Aerosol Derived Detritus" (with P. Kapp, G. Gehrels), $200K, 06/01/12-05/31/15.
  • NSF "The Southern Ocean in a Warming World: Winds, Carbon and Heat", $323K (Russell, Lead PI), 06/01/2013-05/31/16
  • NSF "FESD Type I: Earth System Dynamics and its Role in Human Evolution in Africa" (With A. Cohen - Lead PI and 3 other Co-PIs), $4.9 M, 06/01/2013-05/31/2018


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