Take a look at some of the images from our recent work...

TEM and XRay data from a chondrule assemblage in a CM chondrite. a) STEM-HAADF image of the entire section, b) EDS spectrum from the region in the chondrule outlined by the black rectangle, c) High resolution TEM image of the chondrule with diffraction pattern in the inset, and d) Fe K-alpha XRay map.

Identifying isotopic anomalies in organic carbon material found in the Tagish Lake meteorite. Image a) secondary electron image showing the grain after SIMS analysis, b) and c) carbon abundances, d) D/H ratio, and e) nitrogen isotopes (d and e relative to Standard Mean Ocean Water).

Understanding the orientation and composition of mineral grains in Calcium Aluminum Inclusions (CAIs), the first condensed solids from the solar system. Backscatter electron image (BSE) (sp=spinel, an=anorthite, px=pyroxene, pv=perovskite, mel=mellilite).

Examining the effects of space weathering on asteroidal soils returned by the Hayabusa mission, using transmission electron microscopy (TEM). We compare these materials to lunar soils, looking for similarities and differences in their microstructure and chemistry.