Bratfest XXV: Survival of the Festiest

Evolution of Bratwurst

It is going to be an epic silver anniversary. Heck, this party is older than the first years!

  • We provide: Everything! A (nearly) unlimited supply of bratwurst, corn-on-the-cob, cheesecake, sauerkraut, cheese, and of course, lots of beers and sodas.
  • You provide: Yourself, family, and friends
  • We ask that you consider a modest donation ($5 per person) towards the rather large expenses. Better still, consider becoming a Bratfest Sponsor by donating $20 or more per person or family to support our worthy cause. (Checks should be made payable to Bratfest, and can be sent directly to 3002 E. Hawthorne, Tucson, AZ 85716)
  • Don't forget to reserve your limited edition commemorative t-shirt! See a Bratfest Representative for details.
    On the front of the t-shirt will be this design
    Bratfest XXV Survival of the Festiest. September 20, 2003. Hawthrone House. Tucson, AZ.

    which may get colorized a bit, and the usual Bratfest text will be on the front, rather than the back this year.

    On the back will be this:
    Stratigraphic section through the backyard of the Hawthorne House. The beeridium anomaly defining the Krautaceous/Turkiary boundary is traditionally attributed to a shift in graduate student drinking habits. Little is known about the Prefestian except that the students of that era were "a bit strange."

Map to Hawthorne House

Here's an inconvenient map showing how to get to Hawthorne House. If you want a more convenient version, download the map to Hawthorne House (PDF).

Map to Hawthorne House at 3002 East Hawthorne Street, Tucson, Arizona

Wanna help advertise the Bratfest 25/LPLC 6 combo? Then download the flyer (its in Adobe PDF format), make a billion copies, and tack them up everywhere!