Bratfest XXVII: Kegxsodus

Saturday October 1, 2005 at Barnes House, Tucson AZ USA

It's happened at last...LPL has been forced to leave Hawthorne House and wander the desert to find a new promised land. Come on a pilgrimage to the New Land of Bratfest! Eat the fatted brat and the buttered corn, and raise your glasses in a toast to HH. Throw a party that'll bring Moses down from the mount--or at least out of the Sonnett Building.

  • We provide: Everything! A (nearly) unlimited supply of bratwurst, corn-on-the-cob, cheesecake, sauerkraut, cheese, and of course, lots of beers and sodas.
  • You provide: Yourself, family, and friends.
  • We ask that you consider a modest donation ($5 per person) towards the rather large expenses. Better still, consider becoming a Bratfest Sponsor by donating $20 or more per person to support our worthy cause. (Checks should be made payable to Bratfest, and can be sent to Nicole Baugh, Kuiper Space Sciences 1629 E University Blvd. Tucson, AZ 85721)
  • Don't forget to reserve your limited edition commemorative t-shirt (GIF)
    9/19/05 Preordering for this year's shirt is now closed. However, we will have t-shirts for sale at Bratfest. Contact your Bratfest representative with further questions.

Need a map to Barnes House (PDF)?