PTYS/LPL Business Office

The LPL Business Office provides assistance and expertise regarding purchasing, grants & contracts, building maintenance and repair, personnel issues, copy PIN numbers, telephone access accounts, new telephone requests (and moves), inventory, surplus, payroll, and more.

Lynn Lane

Department Administrator
Kuiper Building, Room 343

  • Principal Financial Officer/Executive level administration
  • Principal Human Resources Officer/Executive level administration

Adriana Kelly

Manager, Personnel Services and Business Affairs
Kuiper Building, Room 339A

  • Personnel Manager for human resource services, including recruitment, employee relations, effort reporting, and payroll
  • Data analyst and financial reporting
  • Management of state and local accounts
  • Alternate approver for business documents

Glinda Davidson

Manager, Grants and Contracts
Kuiper Building, Room 345

  • Grants and contracts manager, including pre- and post-award processes
  • Department Export Control Officer
  • Proposal review and approval
  • Cost projection and analysis
  • Supervise administrative staff

Jonna Alley

Research Development Administrator
Kuiper Building, Room 339

  • Large research and NASA mission proposal development support
  • Departmental proposal review and approval
  • Proposal subaward compliance support and review
  • Cost projection and analysis
  • Account reconciliation and account close-out

Sarah Lane-Gaxiola

Grants and Contracts Administrator
Kuiper Building, Room 339B

  • Federal and State Asset Manager, including audit, disposition, deliverables, fabrication policy, government-furnished equipment, loan agreements, property loss and insurance claims, surplus property
  • Building access and key requests
  • Alternate time approver
  • Alternate human resource services
  • Alternate Export Control Officer

Kari Figueroa

Grants and Contracts Administrator
Kuiper Building, Room 339

  • Subcontract Manager, including audit, compliance, and reporting
  • Business document approver
  • Auxiliary management, including rate studies
  • Credit card merchant representative
  • Account reconciliation
  • PCard approver, reconciling, compliance
  • Alternate Building Manager

Marcela Robison

Accountant II
Kuiper Building, Room 339B

  • Development of Cayuse guidelines and training materials
  • Customized financial reports in Cayuse
  • Pre-award setup in Cayuse for sponsored awards
  • LPL R&A proposal development support

Rachel Hopkins

Kuiper Building, Room 339

  • Review of business documents, including travel and procurement
  • Account reconciliation
  • PCard Reconciler
  • Foundation gift accounts
  • Employee reimbursements
  • Effort reporting
  • Alternate for keys