PTYS/LPL Business Office

The LPL Business Office provides assistance and expertise regarding purchasing, grants & contracts, building maintenance and repair, personnel issues, copy PIN numbers, telephone access accounts, new telephone requests (and moves), inventory, surplus, payroll, and more.

Lynn Lane

Manager, Business and Finance
Kuiper room 343

Lynn is the principal financial and personnel officer for PTYS/LPL. Lynn is responsible for all aspects of grant/contract management, implementing policies, cost expenditure analysis, audit, and management of state, local and auxiliary accounts. Lynn is also responsible for management of all personnel services, including employee relations, equity issues, new positions, hiring recommendations, and effort reporting.

Tara Bode

Manager, Personnel Services and Business Affairs
Kuiper room 339A

Office manager, building manager, LPL space manager, payroll, personnel, recruitment, director's financial reports, state and local fund management, account reconciling, deposits/gift distribution.

Sarah Lane-Gaxiola

Program Coordinator Senior, State and Federal Property‚Äč
Kuiper room 339B

Property management which includes UA and federal tagging, requests for disposition, disposal of equipment, lost or stolen equipment, incoming and outgoing shipper reports for government furnished property and deliverables, maintains data in University property system, off-campus documentation, property physical inventories and audits, maintains property records, keys, key less entry access, backup payroll. Maintains floor plans for three LPL buildings; maintains business office website, property loss claims.

Glinda Davidson

Manager, Grants and Contracts, Admin Supervisor
Kuiper room 345

Grant and contract management and reporting. Proposal review and approval. Department export control administrator.

Kari Figueroa

Accountant, Senior
Kuiper room 339

Review and approve all procurement business documents, subcontract management, auxiliary management, PCard user setup/reconciling/compliance, account reconciling and credit card merchant representative.

Rachel Hopkins

Kuiper room 339

Review all procurement business documents, reconcile p-card documents, account reconciling, deposits, backup for keys and payroll.

Vacant Position

Administrative Assistant
Kuiper room 339

Front desk service, copy machine and telephone requests/billings, FedEx billing, account reconciling, scanning, data entry, backup for all other business office duties.