Employee Exit Form

Instructions for Completing the Employee Exit Form

Departing employee should submit this form before leaving LPL/Tucson.

1. Library. Return all library books to Lisa Martin. (Graduating M.S. and Ph.D. students must submit two copies of their thesis to Lisa before departure.)

2. Business Office. Return the following items to the Business Office (Kuiper 339): 

  • Room Key(s) 
  • Room Privilege Card 
  • P-Card 
  • Any equipment on loan to them (modems, computer equipment, etc.) 

3. Upon receipt of this form information, Academic Office will

  • confirm whether or not employee wants forwarding information given to people who are trying to reach them after their departure; 
  • if employee is a PTYS Graduate Student, verify that the new job title and the new employer’s name sections are completed on the Employee Exit Form;
  • update the Employee Database; 
  • remove name labels from office, lobby directory and mailbox;
  • remove the mailbox listing; 
  • remove name from the online directory and the distribution list; 
  • notify Sys to remove email from all listservs, terminate computer account(s)
Office Keys
Keys should be returned to Sarah - Kuiper 339

In order to keep building keys for any amount of time after your final work day, you must receive approval from Sarah Lane-Gaxiola in the Business Office - slane@u.arizona.edu or 520-626-5677.

*First Class mail will be forwarded to you. Magazines and publications will only be forwarded for six months after your departure.
PTYS Graduate students only
PTYS Graduate students only
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