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PTYS/LPL alumnus, Steven Pearce

Steve Pearce earned his Ph.D. from PTYS/LPL in 1995, working with Gene Levy. The title of his dissertation is "Core-mantle interactions resulting from sudden changes in the Earth's moment of inertia."

Steve sends the following update:

"I have been full-time faculty at Simon Fraser University (SFU), School of Computing Science, as a Lecturer. I am currently writing a textbook on the theory of technology. Other than that, I haven't been publishing.

I am loosely affiliated with the Dept. of Earth Sciences at SFU, and teach their PTYS course (for poets). I had a Skype interview with Tom Jones last year for the class---it was a hoot!

I had a company that was Kyoto oriented---what a farce that is---went under in 2003.

My website is at"

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