PTYS/LPL Faculty

Walter Harris


  • Yan Betremieux (Max Plank-Heidelberg)
  • Jason Corliss (LPL)
  • Louis Giersch (JPL)
  • Jeff Morgenthaler (PSI)


  • S. Sona Hosseini
  • Jake Bobula
  • Olivia Dawson (JPL)
  • Toby Neef (University of Connecticut)
  • Frédéric Vincent
Walter Harris
Associate Professor
Planetary atmospheres, Solar and heliospheric physics, Remote sensing instrumentation
Ph.D., 1993, University of Michigan

Kuiper   #221

Years with LPL:  2013 to present


Dr. Harris' research is focused on the structure of thin atmospheres and their transition to and interactions with the space environment. He is particularly interested the information that comet atmospheres provide about basic photochemical processes, the formation of the solar system, and how the characteristics of the solar wind. He is also engaged in an ongoing study of the plasma interface between the solar wind and interstellar medium via remote sensing of interstellar neutral material as it passes through the solar system.

In addition to their observational program, Dr. Harris' group has an active instrument development effort in the area of spatial heterodyne spectroscopy, or SHS. SHS instruments occupy a special observational niche by providing very high velocity resolution of angularly extended emission line targets with much higher sensitivity than classical spectroscopy. Current funding for SHS development has led to new instruments for both ground (visible band) and suborbital (far
ultraviolet) observations of comets and the interplanetary medium.


  • Broadband Spatial Heterodyne Spectroscopy: High Resolving Power Interference Spectroscopy of Extended Sources in the Visible and Ultraviolet
  • Spectro-Polarimetric Study of the Dynamics and Distribution of Interplanetary Hydrogen as a Probe of the Heliosphere-ISM Interface.


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