Summer Science Saturday 2013

The theme of this year's Summer Science Saturday was Jupiter and Beyond the Infinite! The day-long event, held on July 20, featured great kids activities like making paper rockets and planispheres, building volcanoes (like those on Io), and learning about physics, spectroscopy, robots, rockets, and so much more. The OSIRIS-Rex Ambassadors helped to cool off the crowd with asteroid ice cream, handmade by each guest.

Fall 2013 Edition

Welcome to the latest edition of the LPL newsletter. More than usual, the last few months have been filled with transitions from a glorious past to a future we all hope will be at least as glorious.

Flying the Flag for LPL

Although Tucson area residents are aware of the things that people at LPL have done, they seldom identify them with LPL, but are more likely to think they’ve been done by “NASA” or “Kitt Peak.” In an attempt to raise awareness of LPL itself among community leaders, Dan Cavanagh, the Chair of the LPL External Advisory Board, arranged with the staff of U.S.


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