PTYS/LPL Faculty

Jessica Barnes

Assistant Professor
Cosmochemistry, Lunar Studies, Planetary Analogs
Ph.D., 2015, The Open University (U.K.)

Kuiper 540

Years with LPL: Start Fall 2019

Jess’s research centers on understanding the origin and evolution of volatiles in the inner Solar System. She utilizes a combination of electron microscopy and high-resolution secondary ion mass spectrometry to study extraterrestrial materials. Jess’s research background is in lunar mineralogy and geochemistry. Most recently she has been using coordinated electron and ion beam studies of meteorites to investigate the evolution of water in the Martian crust and to assess the inventories and origins of volatiles on primitive chondrite and achondrite parent bodies. 

View LPL Evening Lecture from September 18, 2019 - The Geological History of the Moon from the Perspective of Unopened Apollo Samples

Current Grants

  • A Multifaceted Approach to Investigating the Magmatic and Post-magmatic History of Volatiles in Basalts from the Rim of Steno Crater - NASA (ANGSA)

Current Graduate Students


Complete publications list available from: NASA ADS Author Search: Jessica J. Barnes

Refereed publications (NASA ADS): Calendar Years 2017 through June 2019

Boyce, J. W., Kanee, S. A., McCubbin, F. M., Barnes, J. J., Bricker, H., Treiman, A. H. Early loss, fractionation, and redistribution of chlorine in the Moon as revealed by the low-Ti lunar mare basalt suite 2018E&PSL.500..205B

Potts, N. J., Barnes, J. J., Tartèse, R., Franchi, I. A., Anand, M. Chlorine isotopic compositions of apatite in Apollo 14 rocks: Evidence for widespread vapor-phase metasomatism on the lunar nearside ∼4 billion years ago 2018GeCoA.230...46P

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Spring 2021 PTYS 520-001
Spring 2020 PTYS 510A-001
Fall 2020 PTYS 595B-002

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