Christa Van Laerhoven Graduates

Christa L. Van Laerhoven defended her dissertation titled "Multi-Planet Extra-Solar Systems: Tides and Classical Secular Theory" on April 16. Christa began her career as a graduate student in 2008, with two years of support from a Canadian NSERC (National Science and Engineering Research Council of Canada) Fellowship.

Crumbling Asteroid P/2013 R3 discovered by CSS

In March, Senior Staff Scientist Steve Larson forwarded news that Catalina Sky Survey observer Rik Hill (Research Specialist, Senior) discovered the "crumbling" asteroid P/2013 R3. Hubble Space Telescope provided the likely the first known observation of an asteroid breaking up through spin-up by the YORP effect: http://www.spacetelescope.org/news/heic1405/

Congratulations to Rik and the Catalina Sky Survey!


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