Jeffrey Andrews-Hanna

PTYS/LPL Faculty

Jeffrey Andrews-Hanna

Associate Professor

Ph.D., 2006, Washington University

Years with LPL: 2017

Lunar Studies, Planetary Geophysics, Planetary Surfaces, Titan & Outer Solar System

My research focuses on understanding the processes acting on the surfaces and interiors of the solid-surface planets and moons in our solar system.  I am interested in geodynamic, tectonic, magmatic, hydrologic, and climatic processes, at scales ranging from local to global. To this end, I combine the analysis of gravity, topography, and other remote sensing datasets with numerical modeling.  Current research interests include terrestrial planet tectonics, volcanism, impact basins, and hydrology; with projects on the Moon, Mars, Venus, and Pluto.

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Current Grants

  • Gravity investigation of density anomalies in the lunar subsurface as records of early geodynamics and tectonics: NASA LDAP Gravity Recovery and Interior Laboratory (GRAIL), PI
  • Gravity investigation of multi-ring basins and mascons: Forward and inverse modeling, and gravity gradiometry: NASA Gravity Recovery and Interior Laboratory (GRAIL) Guest Scientist Program, PI
  • Compressional tectonics and global strain on Mars, the Moon, and Mercury: NASA PGG, PI
  • Recent explosive volcanism on Mars: NASA MDAP, PI
  • The hydrology, climate, and sedimentary deposits of Meridiani Planum and Gale Crater: NASA SSW, PI
  • Climatic control of explosive volcanism on Mars: NASA SSW, PI

Current Spacecraft Involvement

VERITAS - the Venus Emissivity, Radar, InSAR, Topography, and Spectroscopy mission

Former Spacecraft Involvement

  • Co-Investigator on NASA Gravity Recovery and Interior Laboratory (GRAIL) (2012-2016)

Current Postdocs

Former Postdocs

  • Alex Evans
  • Pranabendu Moitra
  • David Horvath

Based on Google Scholar and NASA ADS: NASA ADS Author search: J. C. Andrews-Hanna

Recent refereed publications (NASA ADS): Years 2019 through June 2023

Andrews-Hanna, J. C. & Broquet, A. 2023, Icarus. The history of global strain and geodynamics on Mars

Moruzzi, Samantha A., Kiefer, Walter S., & Andrews-Hanna, Jeffrey C. 2023, Icarus. Thrust faulting on Venus: Tectonic modeling of the Vedma Dorsa Ridge Belt

Broquet, A. & Andrews-Hanna, J. C. 2023, Icarus. Plume-induced flood basalts on Hesperian Mars: An investigation of Hesperia Planum

Andrews-Hanna, Jeffrey C. 2022, Nature Astronomy. Marsquakes coming into focus

Broquet, A. & Andrews-Hanna, J. C. 2022, Nature Astronomy. Geophysical evidence for an active mantle plume underneath Elysium Planitia on Mars

Jones, Matt J., Evans, Alexander J., Johnson, Brandon C., Weller, Matthew B., Andrews-Hanna, Jeffrey C., Tikoo, Sonia M., Keane, James T. 2022, Science Advances. A South Pole–Aitken impact origin of the lunar compositional asymmetry

Liang, Weigang & Andrews-Hanna, Jeffrey C. 2022, Icarus. Probing the source of ancient linear gravity anomalies on the Moon

Horvath, David G., Moitra, Pranabendu, Hamilton, Christopher W., Craddock, Robert A., & Andrews-Hanna, Jeffrey C. 2021, Icarus. Evidence for geologically recent explosive volcanism in Elysium Planitia, Mars

Horvath, David G. & Andrews-Hanna, Jeffrey C. 2021, Earth and Planetary Science Letters. The hydrology and climate of Mars during the sedimentary infilling of Gale crater

Moitra, Pranabendu, Horvath, David G., & Andrews-Hanna, Jeffrey C. 2021, Earth and Planetary Science Letters. Investigating the roles of magmatic volatiles, ground ice and impact-triggering on a very recent and highly explosive volcanic eruption on Mars

Hood, L. L., Oliveira, J. S., Andrews-Hanna, J., Wieczorek, M. A., & Stewart, S. T. 2021, Journal of Geophysical Research (Planets). Magnetic Anomalies in Five Lunar Impact Basins: Implications for Impactor Trajectories and Inverse Modeling

Andrews-Hanna, Jeffrey C. 2020, Icarus. The tectonic architecture of wrinkle ridges on Mars

Jansen, J. C., Andrews-Hanna, J. C., Milbury, C., Head, J. W., Li, Y., Melosh, H. J., & Zuber, M. T. 2019, Icarus. Radial gravity anomalies associated with the ejecta of the Orientale basin

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