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Alumnus Degree, year, advisor, dissertation, current position & institution
Abramov, Oleg Impact-induced hydrothermal activity on Earth and Mars
Ph.D., 2006, Kring
Astrogeology Science Center, United States Geological Survey
Allen, Carlton Volcano-ice interactions on the Earth and Mars
Ph.D. , 1978, Strom
Astromaterials Curator, NASA Johnson Space Science Center
Allen, Carlton Central peaks in lunar craters
M.S. (Geosciences), 1972, Roemer/Strom/Titley
Astromaterials Curator, NASA Johnson Space Science Center
Archer, Doug The Martian near surface environment: Analysis on Antarctic soils and laboratory experiments on putative martian organics
Ph.D., 2010, Smith
NASA Postdoctoral Program Fellow (RA), NASA Johnson Space Center
Asphaug, Erik Dynamic fragmentation in the solar system: Applications of fracture mechanics and hydrodynamics to questions of planetary evolution
Ph.D., 1993, Melosh
Professor, School of Earth & Space Exploration, Arizona State University
Aubele, Jayne Vesicle zonation and vertical structure of basalt flows
M.S., 1988, Drake
Education Staff/mappers, New Mexico Museum of Natural History and Science
Banks, Maria Glacial processes and morphologies in the southern hemisphere of Mars
Ph.D. (Geosciences), 2009, McEwen
Post-doc (RA), Center for Earth and Planetary Studies, CEPS, National Air and Space Museum
Barlow, Nadine Relative ages and the geologic evolution of martian terrain units
Ph.D., 1987, Strom
Professor, Department Chair, Northern Arizona University
Barnes, Jason Characterizing transiting extrasolar giant planets: On companions, rings, and love handles
Ph.D., 2004, Brown
Assistant Professor of Physics, University of Idaho
Bart, Gwen Lunar surface geology from analysis of impact craters and their ejecta
Ph.D., 2007, Melosh
Assistant Research Professor of Physics, University of Idaho
Baugh, Nicole Fluvial channels on Titan
M.S., 2008, Brown
HiRISE staff, LPL/University of Arizona
Benner, Chris (Drayton) The visual and near infrared spectrum of methane and its application to Uranus, Neptune, Triton, and Pluto
Ph.D., 1977, Fink
Research Associate Professor, Physics, College of William and Mary
Berger, Eve Cubanite and associated sulfides in CI chondrites and comet 81P/Wild 2: Implications for aqueous processing
Ph.D., 2011, Lauretta
Postdoctoral Research Fellow (RA), NASA/ORAU
Berman, Daniel Hillside gullies and possible glacial landforms associated with the degradation of highland craters on Mars
M.S. (Geosciences), 2003, Baker
Research Scientist, Planetary Science Institute
Beyer, Ross Martian surface roughness and stratigraphy
Ph.D., 2004, McEwen
Principal Investigator and Research Scientist, NASA Ames/SETI
Binder, Alan Stratigraphy and structure of the Cleomedes quadrangle of the Moon
Ph.D. (Geology), 1967, Titley
Director, Lunar Research Institute
Bjoraker, Gordon The Gas composition and vertical cloud structure of Jupiter’s troposphere derived from 5 micron spectroscopic observations
Ph.D., 1985, Larson
Staff scientist, NASA Goddard
Bland, Michael The Tectonic, thermal, and magnetic evolution of icy satellites
Ph.D., 2008, Showman
Research Scientist, Washington University
Block, Kristin Fulgurite classification, petrology and implications for planetary processes
M.S., 2011, Swindle
HiRISE Staff, LPL/University of Arizona
Bond, Jade The Chemistry of extrasolar planetary systems
Ph.D., 2008, Lauretta
Post-doc (RA), University of New South Wales
Bottke, William The Collisional and dynamical evolution of asteroids
Ph.D., 1995, Greenberg
Director, Department for Space Studies, Southwest Research Institute, Boulder
Buie, Marc Lightcurve CCD spectrophotometry of Pluto
Ph.D., 1984, Fink
Staff scientist, Southwest Research Institute (Boulder)
Burkland, Michael The Thermal retentive nature of the I-Xe system in the meteorite Bjurbole: Implications for the I-Xe system as a chronometer of early Solar System events
Ph.D. (Physics), 1998, Swindle
Sr. Systems Engineer, Raytheon
Burr, Devon Investigations into the Cerberus Outflow Channels, Mars
Ph.D. (Geosciences), 2003, McEwen and Baker
Associate Professor, Dept. of Earth and Planetary Sciences, University of Tennessee (Knoxville)
Campins, Humberto Chiron and the Centaura: escapees from the Kuiper belt
Ph.D., 1982, Rieke
Professor, University of Central Florida
Chabot, Nancy Geochemical studies of the cores of terrestrial planetary bodies
Ph.D., 1999, Drake
Instrument Scientist, Applied Physics Laboratory/Johns Hopkins
Chamberlain, Matthew Response of Martian ground ice to orbit-induced climate change
Ph.D., 2005, Boynton
Research Scientist, Planetary Science Institute
Choi, David The Meteorology of giant planets revealed through automated cloud feature tracking
Ph.D., 2009, Showman
NASA Postdoctoral Fellow, NASA Goddard Space Flight Center
Chollet, Eileen Solar-energetic particles as a probe of the inner heliosphere
Ph.D., 2008, Giacalone
Research Analyst, CNA Analysis & Solutions
Ciesla, Fred The Physics and chemistry of solar nebula shock waves: Applications to chondrule formation
Ph.D., 2003, Hood, Lauretta
Assistant Professor, Dept. of Geophysics, University of Chicago
Clark, Richard The Detectability of lunar impacts in the near infrared
M.S., 1996, Melosh
National Solar Observatory GONG Project
Clements, Arthur Cloud structure in the south tropical zone, red spot, and the north polar region of Jupiter
Ph.D. (Astronomy), 1974, Tomasko
Coffeen, David A Polarimetric study of the atmosphere of Venus
Ph.D. (Astronomy), 1968, Gehrels
Cohen, Barbara Geochemistry and 40AR - 39AR geochronology of lunar meteorite impact melt clasts
Ph.D., 2000, Swindle
Planetary Scientist, NASA Marshall Space Flight Center
Consolmagno, Guy Electromagnetic processes in the evolution of the solar nebula
Ph.D., 1978, Jokipii
Curator, Vatican Meteorite Collection, Vatican Observatory, Tucson & Rome
Cooper, Curtis Meteorologies of brown dwarfs and extrasolar giant planets
Ph.D., 2006, Showman
Software Engineer, Stellar Science (Albuquerque)
Cordell, Bruce Tectonism and the interior of Mercury
Ph.D., 1977, Strom
Instructor, Physics, Fullerton College
Cruikshank, Dale Infrared colorimetry of the Moon
Ph.D. (Geology), 1968 , Titley/Kuiper
Research Scientist, NASA Ames Research Center
Crumpler, Larry Io: Models of volcanism and interior structure
Ph.D., 1983, Strom
Research Curator, Volcanology & Space Science, New Mexico Museum of Natural History and Science
Cui, Jun Analysis of Titan's Neutral Upper Atmosphere from Cassini Ion Neutral Mass Spectrometer Measurements in the Closed Source Neutral Mode
Ph. D., 2008, Yelle
Research Scientist, Department of Space Sciences, Nanjing University
Cunningham, Cindy Spatial and temporal monitoring of the Jovian atmosphere
Ph.D., 1987, Hunten
Cyr, Kimberly The Distribution of water in the solar nebula: Implications for solar system formation
Ph.D., 1998, Lunine
Dai, Wei Gas trapping in amorphous water ice: A theoretical and experimental approach
Ph.D., 2000, Lunine
Daubar, Ingrid Northwest Africa 482: A lunar meteorite from the highlands
M.S., 2002, Kring
HiRISE staff, LPL, University of Arizona
Daubar, Ingrid New Dated Craters on Mars and the Moon: Studies of the Freshest Craters in the Solar System
Ph.D., 2014, McEwen
Dawson, Douglas Modelling the cratering record of Venus
Ph.D., 1998, Strom
HiRise technical staff, LPL, University of Arizona
Diniega, Serina Modeling Aeolian Dune and Dune Field Evolution
Ph.D. (Applied Mathematics), 2010, Byrne
Systems Engineer, Jet Propulsion Laboratory
Doose, Lyn Light scattering properties of Jupiter's Red Spot
Ph.D. (Astronomy), 1976, Tomasko
Lunar and Planetary Laboratory (Retired)
Dundas, Colin Investigations of the Martian Mid-Latitudes: Implications for Ground Ice
Ph.D., 2009, McEwen
Research Geologist, U.S.G.S. Flagstaff
Dunlap, J. Lawrence Laboratory work on the shape of asteroids
M.S. (Astronomy), 1972, Gehrels
Ekholm, Andreas Crater features diagnostic of oblique impacts: The size and position of the central peak
M.S., 2001, Strom
Emery, Josh Constraints on the surface composition of Trojan asteroids from near infrared (0.8-4.0) spectroscopy and spectral modeling
Ph.D., 2002, Brown
Assistant Professor, University of Tennessee
Engel, Steffi Titan and the cosmochemistry of the outer solar system
Ph.D., 1994, Lunine
Former Associate Staff Scientist, LPL, University of Arizona
Eplee, Robert Spokes in Saturn’s B Ring: Dynamical and physical properties deduced from Voyager Saturn ring images
Ph.D., 1987, B. Smith
Senior Programmer, NASA Goddard Space Flight Center
Farrand, William Visible and near infrared reflectance of tuff rings and tuff cones
Ph.D. (Geosciences), 1991, Singer
Research Scientist, Space Science Institute
Feierberg, Michael Evidence for a compositional relationship between asteroids and meteorites from infrared spectral reflectances
Ph.D., 1981, Larson
Chase Manhattan Bank
Fevig, Ron Orbit-dependent spectral trends for the near-Earth asteroid population
Ph.D., 2006, Fink
Assistant Professor, University of North Dakota/Aerospace Sciences
Florinski, Vladimir A Two-dimensional, self-consistent model of galactic and anomalous cosmic rays in the solar wind
Ph.D., 2001, Jokipii
Assistant Professor, University of Alabama, Huntsville
Fortney, Jonathan The Evolution of giant planets
Ph.D., 2004, Hubbard
Associate Professor, University of California, Santa Cruz
Frey, Sarah E. Characterization of instabilities in the problem of elastic planetary tides
Ph.D. (Applied Math), 2005, Greenberg
Fussner, Stephanie Search for 938 nm specular enhancement on Titan
M.S., 2006, McEwen
Gardner-Vandy, Kathryn G. Partial Melting on FeO-rich Asteroids: Insights to the First Stage of Planetary Differentiation
Ph.D., 2012, Lauretta
Research Scientist, Department of Geosciences, University of Tulsa
Geissler, Paul Spectrophotometric mapping of Coprates Quadrangle, Mars
Ph.D., 1992, Singer
Research Geologist, U.S.G.S. Astrogeology Research Center, Flagstaff
Gibbard, Seran Lightning in the solar system
Ph.D., 1996, Levy
Research Scientist, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
Goldin, Tamara Atmospheric interactions during global deposition of Chicxulub impact ejecta
Ph.D. (Geosciences), 2008, Melosh
Associate Editor, Nature Geoscience
Gradie, Jonathan An astrophysical study of the minor planets in the Eos and Koronis asteroid families
Ph.D., 1978, Zellner
Chief Science Officer and Vice President (STI); CSO and VP (STI Medical Systems); CEO (TerraSystems, Inc.), STI, Inc./TerraSys, Inc.
Grier, Jennifer Determining the ages of impact events: multidisciplinary studies using remote sensing and samples analysis techniques
Ph.D., 1999, McEwen
Senior Scientist, Education Specialist, Planetary Science Institute
Grinspoon, David Large impact events and atmospheric evolution on the terrestrial planets
Ph.D., 1988, Lewis
Curator of Astrobiology and Adjunct Professor, Denver Museum of Nature and Science and University of Colorado
Grundy, William Methane and nitrogen ices on Pluto and Triton: A combined laboratory and telescope investigation
Ph.D., 1995, Fink
Astronomer, Lowell Observatory
Gulick, Virginia Magmatic intrusions and hydrothermal systems: Implications for the formation of Martian fluvial valleys
Ph.D. (Geosciences), 1993, Baker
Scientist, SETI/NASA Ames Research Center
Guo, Fan Effects of Turbulent Magnetic Fields on the Transport and Acceleration of Energetic Charged Particles: Numerical Simulations with Applications to Heliospheric Physics
Ph.D., 2012, Giacalone
Post-doc (RA), Los Alamos National Laboratory
Hall, Doyle Ultraviolet resonance radiation and the structure of the heliosphere
Ph.D., 1992, Shemansky
Scientist, Boeing LTS
Harris, Daniel Howard Ice mantles, and the size of the interstellar grains
Ph.D. (Astronomy), 1976, Woolf
Director, San Antonio Bible Based Science Association
Hartigan, Patrick Observations and bowshock models of Herbig-Haro objects
Ph.D., 1987, Lada
Professor, Rice University
Hartmann, William History of the lunar surface
Ph.D. (Astronomy), 1966, Kuiper
Senior Scientist, Planetary Science Institute
Hatheway, Allen Wayne Lava tubes and collapse depressions
Ph.D. (Geological Engineering), 1971, Lacy
Consulting Geological Engineer
Hattori, Maki Mass loss of highly irradiated extra-solar giant planets
M.S., 2008, Hubbard
Programmer Associate, Sigma Space Corporation
Hays, Naydene Geochronology of Shergottite meteorites: Using LA-MC-ICP-MS to examine U-Th-Pb systematics of baddeleyites and phosphates
M.S., 2011, Drake
MESH Study Center Director, Olympic College
Head, James Fragmentation and ejection of the martian clan meteorites
Ph.D., 1999, Melosh
AAAS Diplomacy Fellow, Office of Space and Advanced Technology, U.S. Department of State
Hicks, Michael A Spectrophotometric survey of comets and Earth-approaching asteroids
Ph.D., 1997, Fink
Research Scientist, JPL
Hildebrand, Alan Geochemistry and stratigraphy of the cretaceous/tertiary boundary impact ejecta
Ph.D., 1992, Boynton
Associate Professor of Geology, University of Calgary
Hillgren, Valerie Partitioning behavior of moderately siderophile elements in ni-rich systems: Implications for the Earth and Moon
Ph.D., 1993, Drake
Scientist, Carnegie Institution of Washington
Hilton, Douglas A partially collisional model of the Titan hydrogen torus
Ph.D., 1987, Hunten
Hoppa, Greg Europa: Effects of rotation and tides on tectonic processes
Ph.D., 1998, Greenberg
Senior Principal Systems Engineer, Raytheon
Horst, Sarah Post-Cassini Investigations of Titan Atmospheric Chemistry
Ph.D., 2011, Yelle
Assistant Professor, Morton K. Blaustein Department of Earth & Planetary Sciences, Johns Hopkins Krieger School of Arts & Sciences
Hostetler, Charles Equilibrium properties of some silicate materials: A theoretical study
Ph.D., 1982, Drake
Senior Staff Scientist, Columbia Environmental Sciences Inc.
Housen, Kevin The stochastic evolution of asteroidal regoliths and the origin of brecciated and gas-rich meteorites
Ph.D., 1981, Wilkening
Scientist, Boeing
Howell, Ellen Probing asteroid composition using visible and near-infrared spectroscopy
Ph.D., 1995, Lebofsky
Research Associate, Arecibo Observatory
Howell, Robert Infrared speckle interferometry
Ph.D., 1980, Low
Associate Professor, University of Wyoming
Hoxie, Dwight Thomas The Structure and evolution of stars of very low mass
Ph.D. (Astronomy), 1969, Weymann
Hurford, Terry Tides and tidal stress: Applications to Europa
Ph.D., 2005, Greenberg
Planetary Scientist, NASA Goddard Space Flight Center
Hutson, Melinda Chemical studies of enstatite chondrites
Ph.D., 1996, Lewis
Research Assistant Professor, Portland State University
Jackson, Brian Tidal evolution of extra-solar planets
Ph.D., 2009, Greenberg
Assistant Professor, Department of Physics, Boise State University
Jaeger, Windy Select problems in planetary structural geology: Global-scale tectonics on Io, regional-scale kinematics on Venus, and local-scale field analyses on Earth with Application to Mars
Ph.D., 2004, Baker
Research Geologist, U.S.G.S. Astrogeology Research Center, Flagstaff
Janes, Daniel Tectonics of one plate planets
Ph.D., 1990, Melosh
Johnson, Jeffrey Geologic investigations of the Venusian surface using Magellan radar imagery, altimetry and radiometry
Ph.D. (Geosciences), 1994, Baker
Research Geologist, U.S.G.S. Astrogeology Research Center, Flagstaff
Jones, Thomas An infrared reflectance study of water in outer belt asteriods: clues to composition and origin
Ph.D., 1988, Lewis
Astronaut, Author, Consultant
Jones, Andrea A geomorphic analysis of Hale crater, Mars: The effects of impact into ice-rich crust
M.S. (Geosciences), 2009, McEwen and Baker
Education and Public Outreach Specialist, Lunar and Planetary Institute
Kargel, Jeffrey Cryomagmatism in the outer solar system
Ph.D., 1990, Lewis
Senior Associate Research Scientist, Dept.of Hydrology, University of Arizona
Karkoschka, Erich Saturn's atmoshpere in the visible and near infrared, 1986-1989
Ph.D., 1990, Tomasko
Senior Staff Scientist, LPL, University of Arizona
Kataria, Tiffany Atmospheric Circulation of Hot Jupiters and Super Earths
Ph.D., 2014, Showman
Keller, John Part I: Development of a concept inventory addressing students' beliefs and reasoning difficulties regarding the Greenhouse Effect; Part II: Distribution of chlorine measured by the Mars Odyssey Gamma Ray Spectrometer
Ph.D., 2006, Boynton
Assistant Professor, California Polytechnic Institute, San Luis Obispo
Kerola, Dana Near-infrared spectroscopic studies of the troposhere of Saturn
Ph.D., 1994, Larson and Tomasko
Assistant Professor, College of Arts and Sciences, Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University
Ko, Chung-Ming Cosmic-ray modified stellar winds
Ph.D. (Physics), 1986, Jokipii
Professor, Director, Graduate Institute of Astronomy, NCU
Kolb, Kelly Modeling bright gully deposits' formation in Hale Crater, Mars: Implications for recent liquid water
M.S., 2008, McEwen
Geophysics Processing Group, Exxon Mobile
Kolb, Kelly Investigating evidence for geologically recent liquid water on Mars
Ph.D., 2009, McEwen
Geophysics Processing Group, Exxon Mobile
Komatsu, Goro Channels and valleys on Venus
Ph.D., 1993, Baker
Research Professor, International Research School of Planetary Sciences, Pescara, Italy
Kopriva, David A stream function method for computing steady rotational transonic flows with application to solar wind-type problems
Ph.D. (Applied Math), 1982, Jokipii
Professor, Department of Mathematics, Florida State University
Lanagan, Peter Geologic history of the Cerberus plains, Mars
Ph.D., 2004, McEwen
Professor, College of Southern Nevada
Leake, Martha The intercrater plains of Mercury and the Moon: Their nature, origin, and role in terrestrial planet evolution
Ph.D., 1981, Strom
Professor, Valdosta State University
Lee, Thomas Alan Interstellar extinction in the Orion Association
Ph.D. (Astronomy), 1967, Johnson
Lemmon, Mark Properties of Titan's haze and surface
Ph.D., 1994, Tomasko
Associate Professor, Texas A&M
Lewis, Nikole Atmospheric Circulation of Eccentric Extrasolar Giant Planets
Ph.D., 2012, Showman
Sagan Fellow, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Lian, Yuan Numerical simulations of atmospheric dynamics on the giant planets
Ph.D., 2009, Showman
Research Associate, Ashima Research (Pasadena, CA)
Lora, Juan Radiation and Dynamics in Titan's Atmosphere: Investigations of Titan's Present and Past Climate
Ph.D., 2014, Russell
Post-doc (RA), Department of Earth, Planetary, and Space Sciences, University of California, Los Angeles
MacFarlane, Joseph Theoretical predictions for the phase stability of dense binary mixtures
Ph.D., 1983, Hubbard
Prism Computational Sciences
Maloney, Philip Global properties of molecular clouds and the interstellar medium in galaxies
Ph.D., 1987, Black
Senior Research Associate, University of Colorado Boulder
Malvin, Daniel Experimental partitioning of siderophile elements in the systems iron-nickel-sulfur-phosphorus and forsterite-anorthite-diopside
M.S., 1987, Drake
Marcialis, Robert The Pluto-Charon system as revealed during the mutual events
Ph.D., 1990, Lebofsky & Hubbard
Marley, Mark Nonradial oscillations of Saturn: Implications for ring system structure
Ph.D., 1990, Hubbard
Research scientist (Ames) and Consulting Professor (Stanford), NASA Ames Research Center and Stanford University
Marsh, Celinda Thermal processing in ordinary chondrites: Development of the fast electron microprobe (FEM) technique for measuring heterogeneity of ferromagnesian silicates
M.S., 2007, Lauretta
Program Specialist, Science and Space Branch, Office of Management and Budget, Office of the President
Mastrapa, Rachel Water ice and radiation in the solar system
Ph.D., 2004, Brown
Research scientist, SETI/NASA Ames Research Center
McCormack, John A three-dimensional mechanistic ozone transport model: Applications to midlatitude trends and 11-year variability
Ph.D. (Atmosperic Science), 1996, Hood
Atmospheric Scientist, Naval Research Laboratory
McFarlane, Elisabeth Differentiation in the early Earth: An experimental investigation
Ph.D., 1994, Drake
McLarty-Schroeder, Janet Development, assessment, and applications of PTYS 109L: Exploration and discovery in planetary science
M.S., 1998, Strom
Professor, Cerritos College
Melendrez, David Remote sensing of potential lunar resources
M.S. (Geosciences), 1991, Baker
Merline, William Observations of small-amplitude oscillations in the radial velocity of Arcturus
Ph.D., 1995, McMillan
Staff scientist, Southwest Research Institute, Boulder
Milazzo, Moses Remote sensing of thermally induced activity on Io And Mars
Ph.D., 2005, McEwen
Research Geophysicist, BASIS Flagstaff
Minton, David Dynamical history of the asteroid belt and implications for terrestrial planet bombardment
Ph.D., 2009, Malhotra
Assistant Professor, Earth and Atmospheric Sciences, Purdue
Moores, John Effects of insolation on habitability and the isotopic history of Martian water
Ph.D., 2008, Smith
Assistant Professor, York University
Moro-Martin, Amaya Signatures of planets in circumstellar debris disks
Ph.D. (Astronomy), 2004, Malhotra
Ramon y Cajal Fellow, Spanish National Research Council (Madrid) and Visiting Research Scientist (Princeton)
Musselwhite, Don Experimental geochemistry of iodine, argon and xenon: Implications for the outgassing histories of the Earth and Mars
Ph.D., 1995, Drake
Lecturer (Geology and Physics), University of Houston (Downtown)
Neish, Catherine Formation of prebiotic molecules in liquid water Environments on the surface of Titan
Ph.D., 2008, Lunine
Assistant Professor, Florida Institute of Technology
Newsom, Horton The experimental partitioning behavior of tungsten and phosphorus: Implications for the composition and formation of the Earth, Moon and Eucrite Parent Body
Ph.D., 1982, Drake
Senior Research Scientist III, Institute of Meteoritics, University of New Mexico
Nolan, Michael Delivery of meteorites from the asteroid belt
Ph.D., 1994, Greenberg
Senior Research Associate and Observatory Director, Arecibo Observatory
O'Brien, David The collisional and dynamical evolution of the main belt, NEA and TNO populations
Ph.D., 2004, Greenberg
Research scientist, Planetary Science Institute
Owen, Tobias Studies of planetary spectra in the photographic infrared
Ph.D. (Astronomy), 1965, Kuiper
Astronomer, University of Hawaii Institute for Astronomy
Palmer, Eric Volatiles on solar system objects: Carbon dioxide on Iapetus and aqueous alteration in CM chondrites
Ph.D., 2009, Brown, Lauretta
Research Scientist, Planetary Science Institute
Pariev, Vladimir Magnetic Fields: Their Origin and Manifestation In Accretion Disks Around Supermassive Black Holes
Ph.D. (Astronomy), 2001, Jokipii
Pasek, Matthew Phosphorus and sulfur cosmochemistry: Implications for the origins of life
Ph.D., 2006, Lauretta
Assistant Professor, University of South Florida
Pearce, Steven Core-mantle interactions resulting from sudden changes in the Earth's moment of inertia
Ph.D., 1995, Levy
Lecturer, Simon Fraser University
Pedicino, Jonathan Climate change on Mars: Modeling possible glaciers
Ph.D., 1996, Baker
Professor, College of the Redwoods
Pei, Chunsheng Solar Energetic Particle Transport in the Heliosphere
Ph.D. (AMe), 2007, Jokipii
Pellicori, Samuel Polarizing properties of pulverized materials: Applications to the lunar surface
M.S. (Optical Sciences), 1969, Swindell (Committee on Optical Sciences)
Consultant, Pellicori Optical Consulting
Penteado, Paulo Study of Titan's methane cycle
PTYS, 2009, Griffith
Post-doc (RA), Astronomy Dept., Universidade de Sao Paolo (Brazil)
Phillips, Cynthia Voyager and Galileo SSI views of volacanic resurfacing on IO and the search for geologic activity on Europa
Ph.D., 2000, McEwen
Senior Research Scientist, NASA Ames/SETI
Pierazzo, Elisabetta The Chicxulub impact event and the environmental catastrophe at the end of the cretaceous period
Ph.D., 1997, Melosh
Pope, Shelly Laboratory measurements of the single-scattering properties of ammonia ice crystals
Ph.D., 1991, Tomasko
Staff scientist, Raytheon
Preblich, Brandon Mapping rays and secondary craters from zunil, mars
M.S., 2005, McEwen
Teacher, AP Physics, Physics I, and Astronomy, Troy-Athens High School (Michigan)
Radebaugh, Jani Formation and Evolution of Paterae on Jupiter's Moon Io
Ph.D., 2005, McEwen
Assistant Professor, Brigham Young University
Reid, Robert Spectrophotometic calibration of imager for Mars pathfinder datasets
M.S., 1997, Smith
Senior Software Engineer, FreeWave Technologies (Boulder)
Richardson, James The Seismic effect of impacts on asteroid surface morphology
Ph.D., 2005, Melosh & Greenberg
Assistant Research Professor, Purdue
Rivkin, Andrew Observations of main-belt asteroids in the 3-/mu M region
Ph.D., 1997, Lebofsky
Senior Research staff, Johns Hopkins/APL
Rizk, Bashar Observations and modelling of the Martian water vapor budget for 1988-89
Ph.D., 1991, Hunten
Senior Research Scientist, LPL, University of Arizona
Ruzicka, Alex Petrologic-kinetic studies of meteorites
Ph.D., 1996, Boynton
Associate Professor, Portland State University
Sayanagi, Kunio Numerical modeling of atmospheric jet streams on Jupiter and Saturn: Their formation and stability
Ph.D. (Physics), 2007, Showman
Assistant Professor, Hampton University
Schad, Thomas Spectropolarimetry of Fine Magnetized Structures in the Upper Solar Atmosphere
Ph.D., 2013, Giacalone
Instrument scientist, Institute for Astronomy - Maui, University of Hawaii
Schaller, Chris Venus ejecta parabolas: Comparing theory with observation
M.S., 1998, Greenberg
Applications Systems Analyst, Senior, LPL, University of Arizona
Schneider, Nicholas Sodium in Io's extended atmosphere
Ph.D., 1988, Hunten
Associate Professor, University of Colorado, Boulder
Schrader, Devin The Formation and Alteration of the Renazzo-like Carbonaceous Chondrites
Ph.D., 2012, Lauretta
Postdoctoral Fellow, Department of Mineral Sciences, National Museum of Natural History, Smithsonian Institution
Sears, William Tidal effects on the evolution of Titan
Ph.D., 1994, Lunine
Sharma, Priyanka Investigations of Titan's Topography and Surface Roughness
Ph.D., 2012, Byrne
Post-doc (RA) , Jet Propulsion Laboratory, Radar Science and Engineering
Sheffer, Abigail Chemical reduction of silicates by meteorite impacts and lightning strikes
Ph.D., 2007, Melosh
Associate Program Officer, National Academies, Division on Engineering and Physical Studies, Space Studies Board
Slattery, Wayne The structure of the planets Jupiter and Saturn
Ph.D., 1976, Hubbard
Research Scientist, Los Alamos National Laboratory
Smith, Diana Viscous relaxation of craters on Enceladus
M.S., 2008, Melosh
Smith, Peter H. Water at the PHOENIX landing site
Ph.D. (Optical Sciences), 2009, Drake
Professor Emeritus, PtyS/LPL, University of Arizona
Spencer, John The surfaces of Europa, Ganymede, and Callisto: An investigation using Voyager iris thermal infrared spectra
Ph.D., 1987, Strom
Staff scientist, Southwest Research Institute, Boulder
Spitale, Joseph Detailed study of the Yarkovsky Effect on asteroids and solar system implications
Ph.D., 2001, Greenberg
Senior Scientist, Planetary Science Institute
Spitz, Anna Trace element analysis of ureilite meteorites and implications for their petrogenesis
Ph.D. (Geosciences), 1991, Boynton
OSIRIS-REx Education and Public Outreach Lead, University of Arizona
Sprague, Anne An observational comparison of Mercury and the Moon
Ph.D., 1990, Hunten
Senior Research Associate, LPL, University of Arizona
Stansberry, John Surface-atmosphere coupling on Triton and Pluto
Ph.D., 1994, Lunine
Associate Astronomer, Steward Observatory/University of Arizona
Stoll, Clifford Polarimetry of Jupiter at large phase angles
Ph.D., 1980, Tomasko
Author; owner/operator, Acme Klein Bottles
Sykes, Mark IRAS observations of asteroid dust bands and cometary dust trails
Ph.D., 1986, Hunten
Director, Planetary Science Institute
Teske, Johanna K. Connecting the Dots: Investigating Planet Formation and Composition through Observations of Carbon and Oxygen Species in Stars, Disks, and Planets
Ph.D. (Astronomy), 2014, Griffith
Graduate Assistant, Steward Observatory, University of Arizona
Tholen, David Asteroid taxonomy from cluster analysis of photometry
Ph.D., 1984, Zellner
Faculty astronomer, University of Hawaii
Tiscareno, Matthew Chaotic diffusion in the outer solar system, and other topics
Ph.D., 2004, Malhotra
Senior Research Associate, Cornell
Tonks, William The thermal consequences of giant impacts in the early solar system
Ph.D., 1993, Melosh
Professor, Brigham Young University/Idaho
Trilling, David A Theoretical and observational study of the formation and evolution of planetary systems and extrasolar planets
Ph.D., 1999, Lunine, Brown
Assistant Professor, Dept. of Physics and Astronomy, Northern Arizona University
Tufts, Randy Lithospheric displacement features on Europa and their interpretation
Ph.D. (Geosciences), 1998, Greenberg and Baker
Turtle, Elizabeth Finite-element modeling of large impact craters: Implications for the size of the Vredefort structure and the formation of multiple ring craters
Ph.D., 1998, Melosh
Senior Research Staff, Johns Hopkins/APL
Van Laerhoven, Christa L. Multi-Planet Extra-Solar Systems: Tides and Classical Secular Theory
Ph.D., 2014, Greenberg
Post-doc (RA), University of Toronto
Vervack, Ron Titan's upper atmospheric structure derived from Voyager ultraviolet spectrometer observations
Ph.D., 1997, Sandel
Senior Research Staff, Johns Hopkins/APL
Vilas, Faith The nature and origin of outer solar system asteroids from reflectance spectrophotometry
Ph.D., 1984, Strom
Senior Scientist, Planetary Science Institute
Volk, Kathryn Dynamical Studies of the Kuiper Belt and the Centaurs
Ph.D., 2013, Malhotra
Postdoctoral Fellow (RA), University of British Columbia Vancouver
Wacker, John Composition of noble gases in the Abee meteorite, and the origin of the enstatite chondrites
Ph.D., 1982, Wilkening
Laboratory Fellow, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
Wang, Yiping Energy balance and solar heating in Neptune's upper atmosphere
Ph.D., 1993, Yelle
Wegryn, Eric Dusty atmosphere of Mars: A study of the properties of Martian aerosol dust, using imager for Mars Pathfinder and Hubble space telescope observations
Ph.D., 2000, Tomasko
Adjunct Professor, Ohlone College
Weirich, John Improvements to Ar-Ar Dating of Extra Terrestrial Materials
Ph.D., 2011, Swindle
Post-doc (RA), University of Western Ontario, Canada
West, Robert Spatially resolved photometry of Jupiter in the 6190, 7250, and 8900 methane bands
Ph.D., 1977, Tomasko
Research Scientist, JPL
Wilking, Bruce Star formation in the Rho Ophiuchi dark cloud
Ph.D., 1981, Rieke
Professor, University of Missouri, St. Louis
Williams, Lance A single-fluid, self-consistent formulation of particle transport and fluid dynamics
Ph.D., 1993, Jokipii
Withers, Paul Tides in the Martian atmosphere - and other topics
Ph.D., 2003, Bougher
Assistant Professor, Astronomy Department, Boston University
Wood, David Effects of airbursts on the surface of Venus
Ph.D., 2000, Strom
Adjunct Associate Professor, Astronomy, San Antonio College
Wood, Charles Arthur Reconnaissance geology and geophysics of the Pinacate craters, Sonora, Mexico
M.S. (Geosciences), 1972, Sumner
Zakharian, Aramais Numerical studies of waves and particle acceleration in shocks
Ph.D., 2000, Jokipii
Zellner, Benjamin Holmes Polarization in reflection nebulae
Ph.D. (Astronomy), 1970, Gehrels
Astronomer, Professor of Physics, Georgia Southern University
Zhang, Shunbin The impact of gravity waves on the Venus upper atmosphere
M.S., 1996, Bougher
Programmer Analyst