PTYS/LPL Faculty

Kuiper 542


Virginia Gulick

Research Professor

Ph.D., 1993, The University of Arizona

Years with LPL: 2021 to present

Astrobiology, Planetary Analogs, Planetary Surfaces, Mars surface processes, Geomorphology, Fluvial and Hydrothermal studies, Paleoenvironmental and Paleoclimatic studies, Hydrology, Hydrogeology, Raman spectroscopy, Automated science analysis, Crowdsourcing and Citizen science

Planetary Surfaces, Astrobiology, Terrestrial Analogs, Geomorphology, Hydrology, Hydrogeology, Raman Spectroscopy, automated science analysis (MI and AI)

Current Spacecraft Involvement

MRO HiRISE Co-I, Fluvial and Hydrothermal Sciences Themes lead

Former Spacecraft Involvement

Magellan Radar Investigation Group

Current Graduate Students

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