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Sarah Sutton


Ph.D., 2022, The University of Arizona

Earth, Lunar Studies, Planetary Analogs, Planetary Surfaces, Small Bodies

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Recent refereed publications (NASA ADS): Years 2019 through May 2023

Perry, Jason E., Heyd, Rodney, Read, Matthew, Tornabene, Livio L., Sutton, Sarah S., Byrne, Shane, Thomas, Nicolas, Fennema, Audrie, McEwen, Alfred, & Berry, Kristin 2022, Planetary and Space Science. Geometric processing of TGO CaSSIS observations

Re, Cristina, Fennema, Audrie, Simioni, Emanuele, Sutton, Sarah, Mège, Daniel, Gwinner, Klaus, Józefowicz, Mateusz, Munaretto, Giovanni, Pajola, Maurizio, Petrella, Amedeo, Pommerol, Antoine, Cremonese, Gabriele, & Thomas, Nicolas 2022, Planetary and Space Science. CaSSIS-based stereo products for Mars after three years in orbit

Sutton, Sarah S., Hamilton, Christopher W., Cataldo, Vincenzo, Williams, David A., & Bleacher, Jacob E. 2022, Icarus. Sinuous channels east of Olympus Mons, Mars: Implications for volcanic, hydrological, and tectonic processes

McEwen, Alfred S., Schaefer, Ethan I., Dundas, Colin M., Sutton, Sarah S., Tamppari, Leslie K., & Chojnacki, Matthew 2021, Journal of Geophysical Research (Planets). Mars: Abundant Recurring Slope Lineae (RSL) Following the Planet Encircling Dust Event (PEDE) of 2018

Becerra, Patricio, Sori, Michael M., Thomas, Nicolas, Pommerol, Antoine, Simioni, Emanuele, Sutton, Sarah S., Tulyakov, Stepan, & Cremonese, Gabriele 2019, Geophysical Research Letters. Timescales of the Climate Record in the South Polar Ice Cap of Mars

Schaefer, E. I., McEwen, A. S., & Sutton, S. S. 2019, Icarus. A case study of recurring slope lineae (RSL) at Tivat crater: Implications for RSL origins

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