PTYS/LPL Faculty

Michael Nolan

Senior Research Scientist
Small bodies, Asteroid geophysics, Planetary radar
Ph.D., 1994, University of Arizona

Kuiper 216 ∙ Drake 104C

Years with LPL: 2015 to present

Current Spacecraft Involvement


Complete publications list available from: NASA ADS Author search: Michael Nolan

Refereed publications (NASA ADS): Calendar Year 2016 through July 2018

Shepard, M. K., Timerson, B., Scheeres, D. J., Benner, L. A. M., Giorgini, J. D., Howell, E. S., Magri, C., Nolan, M. C., Springmann, A., Taylor, P. A., Virkki, A. A revised shape model of asteroid (216) Kleopatra 2018Icar..311..197S

Hickson, D., Boivin, A., Daly, M. G., Ghent, R., Nolan, M. C., Tait, K., Cunje, A., Tsai, C. A. Near surface bulk density estimates of NEAs from radar observations and permittivity measurements of powdered geologic material 2018Icar..306...16H

Magri, C., Howell, E. S., Vervack, R. J., Nolan, M. C., Fernández, Y. R., Marshall, S. E., Crowell, J. L. SHERMAN, a shape-based thermophysical model. I. Model description and validation 2018Icar..303..203M

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Harmon, J. K., Nolan, M. C.  Arecibo radar imagery of Mars: II. Chryse-Xanthe, polar caps, and other regions 2017Icar..281..162H

Hickson, D., Sotodeh, S., Daly, M. G., Ghent, R., Nolan, M. C.  Improvements on effective permittivity measurements of powdered alumina: Implications for bulk permittivity properties of asteroid regoliths 2017AdSpR..59..472H

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Fronzi, M., Iwaszuk, A., Lucid, A., Nolan, M.  Metal oxide nanocluster-modified TiO2 as solar activated photocatalyst materials 2016JPCM...28g4006F

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