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Kuiper 323


Mark Marley

Director, Department Head

Ph.D., 1990, The University of Arizona

Years with LPL: 2021 to present

Extrasolar planets, planetary and brown dwarf atmospheres, ring seismology.

Dr. Mark Marley studies the atmospheres and interiors of planets and brown dwarfs. He is particularly interested in the intersection of planetary and exoplanetary science, a field he has been engaged with since the first discoveries of extrasolar planets.

Mark is originally from Phoenix and is a third generation Arizonan. Inspired by early planetary exploration missions like Apollo and Viking, he went on to receive his Bachelor’s of Science degree in Geophysics and Planetary Science from the California Institute of Technology and his Doctorate degree in Planetary Science from the Lunar and Planetary Lab at UofA. He is the first Director of the Lab to have graduated from the program. Before arriving at NASA Ames in 2000 he was an Associate Professor of Astronomy at New Mexico State University.

Mark has published over 250 scientific papers on topics ranging from the rings of Saturn to the atmospheres of giant planets and brown dwarfs to extrasolar planets of all types. Twice awarded NASA’s Medal for Exceptional Scientific Achievement, he is also a Fellow of the American Astronomical Society and has served on numerous panels advising NASA on future science directions and future large space telescope concepts. In in free time Mark enjoys hiking and gardening with his wife, two daughters, and their dog.

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