Refereed Publications with LPL-Affiliated Authors as Queried from SAO/NASA ADS

"Lunar and Planetary Laboratory" ; "Lunar & Planetary Laboratory" ; "LPL"

January 2016 (5 publications)

Badman, S. V., Provan, G., Bunce, E. J., Mitchell, D. G., Melin, H., Cowley, S. W. H., Radioti, A., Kurth, W. S., Pryor, W. R., Nichols, J. D., Jinks, S. L., Stallard, T. S., Brown, R. H., Baines, K. H., & Dougherty, M. K. 2016, Icarus Saturn's auroral morphology and field-aligned currents during a solar wind compression

Sing, David K., Fortney, Jonathan J., Nikolov, Nikolay, Wakeford, Hannah R., Kataria, Tiffany, Evans, Thomas M., Aigrain, Suzanne, Ballester, Gilda E., Burrows, Adam S., Deming, Drake, Désert, Jean-Michel, Gibson, Neale P., Henry, Gregory W., Huitson, Catherine M., Knutson, Heather A., Etangs, Alain Lecavelier Des, Pont, Frederic, Showman, Adam P., Vidal-Madjar, Alfred, Williamson, Michael H., & Wilson, Paul A. 2016, Nature A continuum from clear to cloudy hot-Jupiter exoplanets without primordial water depletion

Gao, Peter, Kopparla, Pushkar, Zhang, Xi, & Ingersoll, Andrew P. 2016, Icarus Aggregate particles in the plumes of Enceladus

Kopparla, Pushkar, Natraj, Vijay, Zhang, Xi, Swain, Mark R., Wiktorowicz, Sloane J., & Yung, Yuk L. 2016, The Astrophysical Journal A Multiple Scattering Polarized Radiative Transfer Model: Application to HD 189733b

Agarwal, Jessica, Jewitt, David, Weaver, Harold, Mutchler, Max, & Larson, Stephen 2016, The Astronomical Journal Hubble and Keck Telescope Observations of Active Asteroid 288P/300163 (2006 VW139)