Outreach at LPL

Faculty, staff, and students at LPL take every opportunity to engage with our communities to promote and support science education and outreach.

Citizen Science

BeautifulMars Project

We have a simple philosophy: HiRISE is “the people’s camera” because we believe that knowledge about Mars belongs to everyone. The BeautifulMars Project, which helps us talk to people who want to learn about Mars but may have little–to–no English skills.

Catalina Outer Solar System Survey

The Catalina Outer Solar System Survey is a citizen science project aimed at discovering the most distant objects in our solar system, Trans-Neptunian Objects (TNOs). The project takes images of the night sky from the Catalina Sky Survey whose mission is to find the closest objects in the solar system, near-Earth asteroids, and looks at them over several months to see the slow movement of TNOs. After possible TNOs have been filtered and identified by a computer, they need a final check by a human to tell if they are real or a false detection. That is where citizen scientists come in!