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Lastname, Firstname Degree Year Minor Advisor Dissertation/Thesis
Bellaire, Paul Ph.D. Atmospheric Sciences 1997 Broadfoot Spectral Signatures of the Earth's Night Airglow Observed from the Space Shuttle
Broeren, Theodore Ph.D. Applied Mathematics 2024 Klein Multi-Spacecraft Observatory Data Analysis Techniques: Uncertainty Quantificati…
Bullard, Daniel Ph.D. Materials Science Engineering 1993 Melosh/Vickery Processing of Refractory Oxides in a Nonequilibrium Plasma
Canizo, Thea Ed.D. Educational Leadership 2002 Lebofsky Establishing Collaborative Structures and Relationships: Teacher Leaders' Exper…
Caudill, Thomas Ph.D. Atmospheric Sciences 1994 Hunten Accuracy of the Total Ozone Mapping Spectrometer Algorithm at Polar Latitudes
Dawley, Jeffrey Ph.D. Materials Science Engineering 1999 Drake/McEwen Phase Development, Microstructure, and Ferroelectric Properties of Sol-Gel Deri…
DellaGiustina, Dani Mendoza
Ph.D. Geosciences 2021 Nolan Signal Processing of Seismic and Image Data for Planetary Exploration
Follette, Katherine Ph.D. Astronomy 2014 Apai Filling in the Gaps: Illuminating (a) Clearing Mechanisms in Transitional Proto…
Frey, Sarah Ph.D. Applied Mathematics 2005 Greenberg Characterization of Instabilities in the Problem of Elastic Planetary Tides
Jirikowic, John Ph.D. Geosciences 1994 Sonett Solar and Geomagnetic Forcing of the Terrestrial Radiocarbon Cycle
Nallapu, Ravi teja Ph.D. Aerospace Engineering 2020 Asphaug/Reddy Automated Swarm Design Architectures for Reconnaissance of Small Bodies
Poisl, William Ph.D. Materials Science and Engineering 1995 Lewis Mechanical and Viscoelastic Properties of Materials by Instrumented Indentation
Shaner, Andrew Ph.D. Teaching and Teacher Education 2008 McEwen
Smith, Gary Lynn Ph.D. Materials Science and Engineering 1993 Lewis Nucleation and Crystallization of Lithium Diborate Glass
Tober, Brandon Ph.D. Geosciences 2023 Holt Radar Sounding Analysis of Mountain Glaciers in Alaska: Revealing Ice Thickness…
Vance, Leonard Ph.D. Aerospace Engineering 2022 Asphaug An Exploration of Requirements and Techniques Enabling Small Object Capture Aro…
Voigt, Joana M.S. Planetary Sciences 2020 Lynn M. Carter
Williams, Charles A. Ph.D. Geosciences 1990 Melosh/Strom Numerical Modeling of Fault Formation and the Dynamics of Existing Faults
Williams, Mark Ph.D. Atmospheric Sciences 1986 Hunten An Analysis of the Voyager Images of Jovian Lightning