TAPS 2013

The Art of Planetary Science's 2013 lead team: James (left) and Jamie (right)
The Art of Planetary Science. The University of Arizona. Lunar and Planetary Laboratory.

A big thank you from your event organizers to making our very first Art of Planetary Science such a great success! And thank you to Craft Tucson and Tucson Museum of Art for bringing us to Art on Tap! We hope to do it all again next year, so stay tuned!

- Jamie and James



Congratulations to our 2013 Winners!

Best in Show

Marilyn Flynn, Titan's Southern Summer, digital painting on canvas

Fine Art

First Place - Theresa Hentz, LH 95, oil on canvas

Second Place - Janelle Montenegro, Midnight Dream, digital print

Third Place - William Hartmann, Saturn as Seen from an Ice Plain on its Icy Satellite Enceladus, acrylic on acid-free board

Fine Art Honorable Mentions

Miwa Block, Transcendent, acrylic and light molding paste on wood

Nicole Barron, Passing Time, oil on canvas

Michelle Rouch, We Come in Peace for All Mankind, watercolor with gold plate and copper paint

Amy Robertson, Circuit - Cascade, dance and video

Data Art

First Place - Michelle Thompson, Atoms to Asteroids, digital print

Second Place - Ronald Cottrell, Solar Chromosphere Alive, photograph

Third Place - Tom Zega, Atomic Structure of Stardust, digital print

Other works featured at Art on Tap

Mark Pack, Spiral Mass, acrylic on wood

Simon Kregar, Last Man-Apollo 17, oil on canvas

Paula Rice, The Big Bang, ceramic, oxidized and smoked

Dolores Hill, Nature's Mosaic, digital print

Thomas Plazibat, Green Planet & Night Sky, digital print

Robert and Marie Kamilli, Photomicrograph sillimanite schist with zicron crystal & crossed polars, oil on canvas

Special thanks to our sponsors

Bookmans, Flandrau Planetarium, the HIRISE team,

Pima Air and Space Museum, Posner's Art Store, Sarnoff Art Materials

And to

Tim Swindle

Maria Schuchardt

Joe Spitale

Bertha Orosco


Janice Bauer, Adam Showman, James Scotti

Event Organizers

Jamie Molaro and James Keane


Julia Bodnarik, Ali Bramson, Melissa Dykhuis, Catherine Elder, Margaret Landis, Juan Lora, Chet Maleszewski, Sarah Morrison, Sarah Peacock, Ian Reasor, Molly Simon, Hannah Tanquary, Michelle Thompson, Christa van Laernhoven, Donna Viola, Rob Zellem

2013 Participating Artists

Leif Abrell*

Nicole Barron

Madeline Blank*

Adam Block*

Miwa Block

Veronica Bray*

Lisa Brothman

Rebecca Bushner

Eric Christensen*

Lexi Coburn*

Anupama Condon

Adrian Cornejo

Ronald Cottrell

Spencer Edgerton

Peter Eisner

Catherine Elder

Rachel Espino-Nottke

Rachel Espinoza

Jerry Farrar

Michelle Fealk

Marilynn Flynn*

Shereen Greenberg

Leontine Greenberg*

Cassandra Hanks*

William Hartmann

Theresa Hentz

Dolores Hill*

Joy Hill

Robert Kamilli

James T. Keane*

Dean A. Ketelson

Brad Konick

Marian Kozachik

Simon Kregar*

Carol Kucera*

Sarah Kucerova*

Margaret Landis*

Marie Lang

Lucille Le Corre

Thomas Lindell

Juan Lora*

Maureen Mackey

Renu Malhotra*

Allison McGraw

Alexander Miles

Kelsey Miller

Emily Modell

Marty Mongan*

Janelle Montenegro*

Mark Pack

Sean Parker

James Peterson

Thomas Plazibat

Paula Rice

Amy Robertson*

Michelle Rouch

Ximena Ruden

Tad Sallee*

Xeni Schiller*

Jim Scotti

Adam Showman

Michael Sussman

Diane C. Taylor

Kelly Teetsel

Michelle Thompson

Jess Vriesema*

Monica Zavala Durazo

Tom Zega*

Rob Zellem*


*Starred artists were generous enough to donate artwork to LPL's collection. Thank you!

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