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November 16, 2019: UArizona Flandrau center holds art of planetary science exhibition

November 13, 2019: 31 things to do in Tucson this weekend Nov. 15-17

November 11, 2019: 'Art of Planetary Science' paints the universe

November, 2019: Art of Planetary Science Event

November, 2015: UA Students Bring Together Art, Science at Annual Exhibit

October 31, 2014: The Art of Planetary Science

October 14, 2014: UA hosts art show exploring beauty in science

Space Art Opportunities 

Psyche Inspired: ASU's Psyche Inspired internship program

SETI AIR: SETI Institute's Artists in Residence

COnference Presentations
Swanberg, S., and Kolodij, N. (2020) Art and Music as a Means of Conveying Information About the State of the Planet. In SWPACA 2020. Albuquerque, NM. SWPACA Slides (PDF)

McGraw A. M., Brock L., Stadermann A., Brown Z., Meng T. and Thibodeaux-Yost S. (2020) The Art of Planetary Science 2020: Planetary Science and Science Fiction. In 51st Lunar and Planetary Science Conference Lunar and Planetary Institute, Houston. p. Abstract #2674.

LPSC Abstract (PDF)

LPSC Poster (PDF)

Molaro, JL, and JT Keane, 2014, LPSC Abstracts, The Art of Planetary Science: An Exhibition – Bringing Together the Art and Science Communities to Engage the Public.

LPSC Abstract (PDF)

LPSC Poster (PDF)

Molaro, JL, J Keane, S Peacock, E Schaefer, and H Tanquary, 2014, DPS Annual Meeting, The Art Of Planetary Science: An Exhibition – Bringing Together The Art And Science Communities To Engage The Public.

DPS Poster (PDF)

DPS Slides (PDF)

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