TAPS 2021

Whimsical depiction of astronauts performing experiments on a Tucson-looking landscape in front of a rocket that looks like a cactus. TAPS logo is at the top

Thank you to everyone who visited the TAPS 2021 show in-person and virtually!

Special thanks to the artists who presented their art, and made TAPS 2021 so stellar.


See selections from the TAPS 2021 photo gallery below or visit the full gallery drive for many more happy memories! Also check out at the bottom of the page, a video of several art submissions from this year, the invited talk from astronaut Charlie Walker, and the Interstellar Launch Reception video!


Congrats to all of our winners!

See the winners for each submission category below along with links to the original submission with more details about the piece, larger images and videos (when applicable) and artist info!

Fine Art - 1st Place

A figure fragment in chiaroscuro, appears against the landscape of Mars, along with a typographical element.

Fine Art - 2nd Place

Woman looks into space while behind, Earth rises below the horizon of the moon

Space Travel Art - 1st Place

In a dark space, historical spacesuit gloves rise vertically leading to a hand holding a lit match in a nebula.

Space Travel Art - 2nd Place

A musician playing in various locations. Audio comes from the Apollo launch, guitar, piano, violin, drums,& electronic sounds.

Space Travel Art - 3rd Place

Against a backdrop of stars, a spaceship trailing purple exhaust crosses in front of three planets.

Space Shorts Winner

Spacer by Henry Payne

“You’re going to get us killed!” Derek Tracer shouted as the sleek, silver and black starship soared the black canvas of space like a supercharged bullet. 
“Race you to heaven then, Tracer!” Dawn Pancamo, the pilot of the ship, replied back. He was sitting in his captain’s chair in a lean posture, as if the three electromagnetically propelled engines of their starship weren’t close to overheating and vaporizing them into star dust. His blond hair hung loosely and he constantly adjusted it to keep it out of his blue eyes. Right now, those eyes may as well be stars themselves as Derek took note of their mad glimmer.....

(continued in link)...

A video of art from the show:

Invited Talk from Astronaut Charlie Walker


Interstellar Launch Reception