The Art of Planetary Science 2020: A Virtual Odyssey

The Art of Planetary Science 2020 Winners

Data Art First Place

Margaret's Moon
by Jamie Molaro

cratered landscape cut in layers of paper


Data Art Second Place

Spiral Moon
by JA Grier (ee/em/eir)

Paper quilled version of the full Moon composed of 2000 small coils of paper in shades of grey.


Data Art Third Place

by Adam Makarenko

Conceptual work based on data from Astronomer Carlos Alvarez/Keck Observatory. Here, we see a lava ocean planet with some solid pieces of land floating on the planet’s surface; a fiery 3,000 to 4,000 degrees Fahrenheit! The discovery was announced in 2017 using data from Kepler Space Telescope K2 mission. The Keck Observatory’s NIRC2 instrument was key to determining a singular star system.


Data Art Honorable Mention

TRAPPIST 1: Pinball Lights Show
by Artash Nath and Arushi Nath

The harmonic orbits of the TRAPPIST-1 exoplanets are depicted using LED strips that flash in ratio of their orbital period.


Fine Art First Place

by Andrés Guerrero

This piece corresponds to a hypothetical urban system organized by insects.


Fine Art Second Place

Bisti/De-Na-Zin Wildernss
by John Vermette

20x40 Metal Print of the Milky Way over Bisti Badlands in New Mexico


Fine Art Third Place

Devil Trails
by Francesca O'Malley

A shadowy hand points to the letter M against a martian background of devil trails.


Fine Art Honorable Mention

A Little Hell on Io
by Marilynn Flynn

A painting of Jupiter's volcanic moon Io with erupting geysers near a molten sulphur lake and Jupiter in the sky.


Moon Art First Place

Moonlight Lattice
by Kelly Ricks

Sheets of rain weave between parallel rays of moonlight and frame the vast Texas landscape.


Moon Art Second Place

UV Moon
by JuliaART

UV Moon "The cosmos became art"


Moon Art Third Place

The Infinite Moon i
by Pantea Karimi

The Infinite Moon includes Far UV Camera Spectrograph-an instrument to record astronomical images on the Moon’s surface.


Moon Art Honorable Mention

Offworld #3
by Carlos Rene Pacheco

A dark, black-and-white landscape photograph meant to look like the surface of the moon.


People's Choice

The Dreamer and the Moon
by Muttley Yap

An illustration of a child dreaming of going to the moon.


DPS People's Choice

by Adrianna Allen


DPS People's Choice

Aluminous Moon
by Amanda Stadermann


DPS People's Choice

The Astro Moon
by Cartela


DPS People's Choice

Moon and Galaxies
by Erika Arett


DPS People's Choice

UV Moon
by JuliaART

UV Moon "The cosmos became art"







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