LPL Colloquium: Dr. Candice Hansen

Tuesday, Oct 30, 2012
3:45 pm
Location: Kuiper Space Sciences
Room: 308

Dr. Candice Hansen
Senior Scientist
Planetary Science Institute

"Probing Enceladus' Plume with Stellar Occultations"

In 2005 Enceladus' water vapor plume was discovered in a collection of observations carried out by Cassini spacecraft instruments. This talk will begin with a short overview of what was learned by all the instruments, then focus on subsequent observations carried out by the UltraViolet Imaging Spectrograph (UVIS). The UVIS instrument has been used to observe 5 occultations of stars by the plume plus one solar occultation. Results include the detection of supersonic jets imbedded within the main plume.

Host: Alfred McEwen