LPL Colloquium: Dr. Channon Visscher

Tuesday, Apr 16, 2013
3:45 pm
Location: Kuiper Space Science
Room: 308

Dr. Channon Visscher
Research Scientist
Southwest Research Institute

Host: Adam Showman

Chemistry in impact-generated disks and planetary atmospheres

Chemical processes play a key role in shaping the observational and geochemical properties of planetary objects. Moreover, better understanding these processes may yield important clues about planetary formation and evolution. In this two-part talk, I will discuss new chemical models exploring 1) the chemistry of the impact-generated proto-lunar disk and 2) chemical processes in the upper atmospheres of giant planets inside and outside of the solar system. For both cases, the model results will be discussed in light of recently available observational constraints by exploring the physical and chemical processes that produced the elemental and isotopic abundance patterns observed in lunar materials, and the coupled photochemical, thermochemical, and dynamical processes that are responsible for the observational properties of planetary atmospheres.