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Krishna Muralidharan

Associate Professor
Ph.D., 2004, University of Arizona

Mines 125E


Complete publications list available from: NASA ADS Author search: Krishna Muralidharan

Refereed publications (NASA ADS): Calendar Years 2016 through 2017

Ramprasad, T., Howe, J. Y., Gnanaprakasa, T. J., Hanawa, A., Jiminez, J., Muralidharan, K., Zega, T. J. V The Structure and Electronic States of Self-Assembled C60 Crystals 2017MiMic..23S1818R

Zega, T. J., Manga, V., Watanabe, K., Domanik, K., Mane, P., Hanawa, A., Inada, H., Howe, J. Y., Muralidharan, K. V A Combined Atomic-Resolution STEM and First-Principles Approach Towards Understanding the Origins of the First Solar-System Solids 2017MiMic..23S.396Z

Sadat, M. R., Bringuier, S., Asaduzzaman, A., Muralidharan, K., Zhang, L. V A molecular dynamics study of the role of molecular water on the structure and mechanics of amorphous geopolymer binders 2016JChPh.145m4706S

Zega, T. J., Manga, V., Domanik, K., Muralidharan, K. V Atomic-Resolution Analysis of Perovskite from the Early Solar System 2016MiMic..22S1778Z

Manga, V. R., Swinteck, N., Bringuier, S., Lucas, P., Deymier, P., Muralidharan, K. V Interplay between structure and transport properties of molten salt mixtures of ZnCl2-NaCl-KCl: A molecular dynamics study 2016JChPh.144i4501M

Sadat, M. R., Bringuier, S., Muralidharan, K., Runge, K., Asaduzzaman, A., Zhang, L. V An atomistic characterization of the interplay between composition, structure and mechanical properties of amorphous geopolymer binders 2016JNCS..434...53S

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