Solange Duhamel

PTYS/LPL Faculty

Solange Duhamel

Associate Professor

Ph.D., 2007, The University of Aix-Marseille II

Years with LPL: 2021 to present

Astrobiology, Marine microbiology, Biogeochemistry

I am an aquatic microbiologist and biogeochemist, specializing in the abundance, diversity and activity of aquatic microbes in the ocean, as well as in lakes, rivers, wetland ecosystems and extreme environments. I study the role of microorganisms as agents of biogeochemical transformations, and how microbes adapt to different environments and respond to stress. I am interested in the effects of climate and nutrient and energy availability on the distribution, growth and productivity of microplankton but also in the potential of life to adapt to extreme environments and the implications for astrobiology. I use experimental approaches to answer some of the most pressing questions in microbial ecophysiology and biogeochemistry. In particular, I develop and use new techniques to study microbial processes at the taxonomic group and single cell levels.

Current Grants

2021    NSF GG award #: “RAPID: Initial colonists of freshly emplaced volcanic rocks at high latitude: a case study of the 2021 volcanic eruption on the Reykjanes Peninsula, Iceland” [$45,873 for 1 year to S. Duhamel]. Anticipated end date: 03/31/2022.

              • RII award (University of Arizona): “Response to the 2021 volcanic unrest in Reykjanes, Iceland” [$20,000 to C. Hamilton and S. Duhamel]

2020    Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation award #5604 – Supplement Funding: “Solar Salamanders? Algal Invasion of a Vertebrate” [including $97,070 to S. Duhamel for 1 year]. Anticipated end date: 08/31/2022.

2020    Scialog Fellow (jointly sponsored by RCSA and the Heising-Simons Foundation, with additional support from the Kavli Foundation)

2019   NSF OCE award #2001212: “Collaborative Research: Assessing the role of compound-specific phosphorus hydrolase transformations in the marine phosphorus cycle” $499,786 for 3 years to S. Duhamel (U. of Arizona). Anticipated end date: 08/31/2022.

2019    Faculty innovator Award (University of Arizona, College of Sciences, MCB, $5,000)

              • Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation award #5604: “Solar Salamanders? Algal Invasion of a Vertebrate” [To R. Kerney (Gettysburg College), S. Duhamel (University of Arizona), J. Burns (Bigelow Lab.) and D. Matus (Stony Brooks), with $226,249 for 2 years to S. Duhamel]. Anticipated end date: 08/31/2021.

2017    NSF OCE award # 1737240: “Development of low Nitrogen:Phosphorus ratios in the euphotic zone - the Phosphorus side of the story” [$1,417,633 for 3 years to A. Juhl, S. Duhamel, A. Subramaniam, and A. Thurnherr (all investigators at Columbia U.)]. Anticipated end date: 12/31/2021.

Current Graduate Students

Student Collaborations/Advising

Nicholas Bock (August 2016–present; Columbia University, DEES, Ph.D. in Earth & Environmental Sciences program). Thesis title: Environmental drivers of global variability in phytoplankton community structure and function. Graduation planned for August 2021

Emily Waggoner (August 2020–present; University of Arizona, Molecular and Cellular Biology)

Mruthyunjay (Jay) Kubendran Sumathi (January 2021–present; University of Arizona, Ecology & Evolutionary Biology)

Current Postdocs

Dr. Hui Yang (December 2019–)

Dr. Kahina Djaoudi (September 2019–)

Former Postdocs

Dr. John Burns (September 2018–July 2019; Columbia University)

Dr. Sophie Charvet (January 2018–May 2019; Columbia University)

Dr. Kimberly Popendorf (2013–2015; Columbia University)

Former Research/Staff Scientists

Emily Waggoner (September 2019– August 2020; University of Arizona)

Emily Waggoner (January–April 2019; Columbia University)

Benjamin Ramcharitar (March 2018–August 2019; Columbia University)

Kali McKee (2015–2016; Columbia University)

Duhamel S., Hamilton C.W., Pálsson S., and S.H. Björnsdóttir. 2022. Microbial response to increased temperatures within a lava-induced hydrothermal system in Iceland: an analogue for the habitability of volcanic terrains on Mars. Astrobiology, 22 (11), 1176–1198.

Charvet S., Kim E., Subramanian A., Montoya J., and S. Duhamel. 2021. Small pigmented eukaryote assemblages of the western tropical North Atlantic around the Amazon River plume during spring discharge. Scientific Reports, 11(1), 16200.

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Duhamel S., E. Kim, B. Sprung, and O. R. Anderson. 2019. Small pigmented eukaryotes play a major role in carbon cycling in the P‐depleted western subtropical North Atlantic, which may be supported by mixotrophy. Limnology and Oceanography, 64, 2424–2440, doi:10.1002/lno.11193

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Duhamel S., Björkman K.M., Repeta D.J. and D.M. Karl. 2017. Phosphorus dynamics in biogeochemically distinct regions of the southeast subtropical Pacific Ocean. Progress in Oceanography, 151, 261–274, doi: 10.1016/j.pocean.2016.12.007

Benavides M., Berthelot H., Raimbault P., Duhamel S., S. Bonnet. 2017. Dissolved organic matter uptake by Trichodesmium in the Southwest Pacific. Nature Scientific Reports, 7, 41315, doi: 10.1038/srep41315 (2017)

Duhamel S., Nogaro** G., and A.D. Steinman. 2017. Effects of water level fluctuation and sediment–water nutrient exchange on phosphorus biogeochemistry in two Great Lakes coastal wetlands. Aquatic Sciences, 79(1), 57-72, doi: 10.1007/s00027-016-0479-y

Duhamel S., Dyhrman S.T., and D.M. Karl. 2010. Alkaline phosphatase activity and regulation in the North Pacific Subtropical Gyre. Limnology and Oceanography, 55(3): 1414–1425. doi:10.4319/lo.2010.55.3.1414


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