The lab maintains a kitchen-type facility with microwave ovens, a refrigerator, a sink, and a table in the lunchroom, which is next to the computer room 329a. Also here are lab-provided coffee brewers and hot water/tea/cocoa. Because supplies are not free, coffee and tea are 10¢ per cup, and cocoa is 20¢ a packet. There is a collection place near the brewers. Vending machines are located in the basement--take the front elevator all the way down and they are in the hallway to your left. These machines sell candy and soda. There is no change machine, though, and only the soda machine takes dollar bills.

If you choose not to pack your lunch to school, are working late, or just get the munchies, there are lots of eating establishments on and around campus. Following is a guide to what's here and what type of food is served. This list does not purport to be exhaustive, and a listing here is not an endorsement. An approximate price range for a typical meal (without drinks) follows each listing, represented as follows:

  • $—less than $4
  • $$—$4 to $7
  • $$$—$7 to $10
  • $$$$—more than $10

On Campus

The closest establishment to LPL is Bookends Cafe by the Main Library ($, $$), which offers coffee, bagels, and sandwiches. The Student Union ($, $$) houses various establishments, including Domino's pizza, McDonald's, a Mexican restaurant, sandwich shops, and a traditional cafeteria. The Park Avenue Student Center ($) has fast-food restaurants and a muffin/ coffee place. Scattered around campus on working days are cart vendors ($) selling hot dogs, pretzels, nachos, coffee, and fruit slushes.

East Side of Campus (Speedway Blvd./ Campbell Ave. area)

  • 1702: pizza. Pizza, calzones, sandwiches. $$

  • Noodies: Fresh, home-made pasta; sandwiches, fries, and soft-serve gelato. Vegan pasta with marinara sauce is available. $$$$

  • Taco Bell: Mexican. National fast-food chain serving tacos, burritos, etc. $

  • McDonald's: grill items. National burger & fries chain. $

  • Wendy's: grill items. National burger & fries chain. $

  • Brugger's Bagels: bagel sandwiches. $$

  • Subway: sandwiches. National sandwich chain. $$

  • Boston Market: homestyle. Roasted chicken, turkey, ham, and various side dishes. $$

  • Cold Stone Creamery: ice cream. Hard-scoop with toppings bar. $

  • Trident: grill items. Burgers, hot & cold sandwiches, salads. $$

  • Miss Saigon: Vietnamese noodles and cuisine. $$$

  • Chipotle: Burritos and bowls; pick-your-own fillings. Very vegetarian/vegan friendly. $$$

The Student Union

The Student Union has a food court that includes Burger King, Panda Express, Chik-Fil-A, Papa John's Pizza, On Deck Deli, and IQ Fresh (salads, wraps, and smoothies). Typical entree costs range from $4 - $7. There is also a convenience store on site.

West Side of Campus (Park Ave./University Blvd. area)

  • Fuku Sushi: Sushi place with good vegetarian options. $$$ Also has options for soy wrapper instead of seaweed

  • Kababeque Indian Grill: Indian food, $$$

  • Gentle Ben's: brewery/grill. Ben's is a microbrewery with several signature beers. They also carry a dinner menu and appetizers. Our typical Friday Beers destination. $$$

  • Frog and Firkin: pub. Beer, and sandwiches, salads, pizza, etc. $$$$

  • Baskin Robbins/Dunkin Donuts: National ice cream and doughnut chains. $

  • Jamba Juice: juice drinks. $

  • Carl's Jr: grill. National burger & fries chain. $$

  • Jack in the Box: grill items. Burger & fries chain. $

  • Yokohama Rice Bowl: oriental. Chinese fast-food. $

  • Greasy Tony's: pizza. Delivery to University area. $

  • Chipotle: Mexican. Fast food burritos, tacos, etc. $$

  • Cafe Paraiso: cafe. Soups, sandwiches, salads, coffee, Italian sodas, etc. $$-$$$

  • Pei Wei: "Asian fusion." National Chinese fast food chain. $$-$$$

  • Johnny Rocket's: diner. National chain serving hamburgers, fries, milkshakes, etc. $$-$$$

  • Samurai Sam's: Japanese. Chain serving fast Japanese rice bowls. $$

  • Sinbad's: Middle Eastern. Hummus, falafel, shawerma, etc. $$-$$$

  • Fat Tuesday: bar. New Orleans style cuisine. $$$

  • No Anchovies: pizza and sandwiches. $-$$

  • Subway: sandwiches. National sandwich chain. $

  • Silver Mine Subs: sandwiches. Regional sandwich chain. $$

South Side of Campus (6th St, between Campbell Ave and Euclid/1st)

  • Mr. Antojo's: Mexican food and Sonoran hot dogs (inside convenience store). $-$$

Convenience Stores

Tucson has one every few blocks. Near the University:

  • 7-11 near the corner of Campbell and Speedway.
  • 7-11 at corner of Park and Speedway.
  • Circle K just south of the Stadium on corner of 6th Street and Cherry Ave.
  • Circle K on corner of Santa Rita and 6th Street.
  • Circle K on corner of Park and Speedway.


Meatless entrees are common at Noodies, 1702, and Chipotle. They can be found at Eric's, Sinbad's, the Garland and of course any pizza place. Salads of some sort are usually available at most places listed. Tucson is host to a number of vegetarian and/or whole-earth restaurants. Some recommended vegetarian-friendly restaurants around Tucson include:

  • Cafe Tumerico (vegan friendly too)
  • Noodies
  • Kababeque Indian Grill
  • Fuku Sushi (actually has 3+ vegetarian rolls available)
  • Graze Burgers has a great veggie burger
  • Time Market (can vary based on menu)


Starbucks and Catalyst Cafe are on campus. Bruegger's Bagels isn't a coffee house, but is the next closest off-campus coffee with seats available for working. Also fairly close is Ike's, just east of Country Club on Speedway. They serve a light menu. Coffee X-Change, located at Grant and Campbell, is open 24 hours and popular with students. They also serve a light menu. Further East is Black Crown Coffee Company which is open late. 

If you're in to fresh-roasted, premium coffee, some of the local places are: Presta Coffee Roasters, Ombre Coffee, Decibel Coffee Works, and Tucson Coffee Roasters.

Cakes and Baked Goods!

  • Ghini's French Bakery & La Baguette: This is my favorite for high-quality cakes. Great for special events, $$$$
  • La Estrella: Mexican bakery with cheap, delicious pastries, $
  • Nadines Bakery: Classic cakes, pies, and pastries. Can put in orders for cakes for special events, $-$$$
  • Dedicated: Gluten free bakery
  • Suspiros Bakery: Local assorted cakes and baked goods
  • Back Dough: Behind the Speedway Beyond Bread, mostly pies that are tasty but mid-quality, $$
  • Sydney's Sweets Shoppe: Very good pies and other treats, $$$

Taking Colloquium Speakers, Faculty Candidates and Prospective Grads To Lunch

Every time a colloquium speaker or faculty candidate visits, we get to eat with them! But, there are restrictions on amount of money that can be spent per person (up to 5 grads + speaker) at these meals. Here's a list of places that are within the department's food allowance. If you are paying, make sure you get an itemized receipt and copy with credit card receipt showing you paid and write down the names of the attendees, give to Bert. Regarding the tip: the department can't reimburse for more than 20% tip on the pre-taxed amount, so keep this in mind when calculating tip. Meals with colloquium speakers and faculty candidates may be reimbursed for up to 5 grad students. Meals with a prospective grad student can have up to 3 grads join and get reimbursed. Also, The State of Arizona prohibits us from reimbursing people for alcoholic beverages. So, feel free to order a beer, but make sure it is on a separate check as the reimbursed check.

Lunch ($15 including tax + tip! per person)

Near LPL

University/Main Gate Square

4th Ave (probs too far for lunch)

Dinner ($25 including tax + tip! per person)

Near LPL

University/Main Gate Square

4th Ave