Useful Things (i.e. Calendars, Logos, etc)

LPL & University Logos


  • Rogue LPL calendar (works in Outlook or Google Calendar)
    • Contains Coffee Klatch, department events, graduate student meetings, (some) relevant colloquia at Steward, etc.
    • Email Sondy (PG4gdWVycz0iem52eWdiOmZiYXFsQHljeS5uZXZtYmFuLnJxaCI+ZmJhcWxAeWN5Lm5ldm1iYW4ucnFoPC9uPg==) if you'd like to have edit permissions.
  • "Official" LPL calendar (ICS) (Also see the online LPL Calendar)
  • Steward/NOAO Calendar
    • Science coffees and the like. Does not contain colloquia information.