Non-Academic Career Information

This is a page waiting to be filled with lots of info on career opportunities in non-academia!


  • List of astronomy graduates in non-academic careers, with contact info

  • The Resources for Finding a Postdoc page has tips on application materials (CV, cover letter, etc.) might be relevant, too.

  • Alternative Careers Workshop

  • As of 2018, the UofA now uses Handshake. All UofA students have an account they can activate. This service does a number of things, including linking would-be employees and employers (this is typically not used by grad students, but it's an option). According to a chat with a representative from the Dept. of Student Engagement and Career Development on 22 August 2018, this is how we are to request resume/CV development, mock interviews, and the like.) 

Types of non-academic jobs

Education / Outreach

LPL alumni doing this:

  • Pete Lanagan, Professor, College of Southern Nevada
  • John Keller, Assistant Professor, California Polytechnic Institute, San Luis Obispo
  • Brandon Preblich, Teacher, AP Physics, Physics I, and Astronomy, Troy-Athens High School (Michigan)
  • Anna Spitz, OSIRIS-REx Education and Public Outreach Lead, University of Arizona


This might include jobs like... Telescope operator, operations for missions, ...

LPL alumni doing this:

  • Ingrid Daubar, HiRISE operations
  • Kristin Block, HiRISE operations
  • Nicole Baugh, HiRISE operations

Writing / Editing / Reporting

LPL alumni doing this:

  • Tamara Goldin, Editor at Nature Geosciences

Policy / Management

LPL alumni doing this:

  • Jim Head, AAAS Science & Technology Policy Fellow for the State Department

  • Celinda Marsh, Program Specialist, Science and Space Branch, Office of Management and Budget, Office of the President
  • Abigail Sheffer, Associate Program Officer, National Academies, Division on Engineering and Physical Studies, Space Studies Board

Industry / Engineering

LPL alumni doing this:

  • Jim Head, Principle Systems Engineering at Raytheon Missile Systems
  • Kelly Kolb, Geophysics Processing Group, Exxon Mobile
  • Eileen Chollet, Research Analyst, CNA Analysis & Solutions

Software development

LPL alumni doing this:

  • Curtis Cooper, Software Engineer, Stellar Science (Albuquerque)
  • Chris Schaller, Applications Systems Analyst, Senior, LPL, University of Arizona
  • Maki Hattori, Programmer Associate, Sigma Space Corporation