Hopefully you already found a postdoc or job before this!

Submitting your dissertation

LPL grads maintain a LaTeX template for dissertations which meets the university's formatting requirements.

Submitting is done through a third-party website. Instructions are on the Grad College's Archiving the Dissertation page.

  • Once you've submitted, your advisor will get a notice from grad college to approve it. Then grad college will check the formatting. There is a Distribution Rights form and two more exit surveys to be completed; your grad college rep will email you links and lead you through this.

Copyrighting and Open Access are additional fees. UA also charges $35 for "archiving."

You can order bound hard copies at the same time as submitting. They're ~$56, or slightly cheaper if you order more or for softcover.

  • Hint: It's a nice gesture, although not required, to get one for your advisor.

LPL library copy: Contact Betty Fridena (PG4gdWVycz0iem52eWdiOm9zZXZxcmFuQHljeS5uZXZtYmFuLnJxaCI+b3NldnFyYW5AeWN5Lm5ldm1iYW4ucnFoPC9uPg==)

  • If possible, make 2 photocopies for her. Regular copier paper, double-sided, whatever is easiest for you. Lisa will make arrangements to get the copies to a bindery so you don't need to worry about that. If you aren't able to provide her with hard copies, then send her a PDF file.

Exit survey and interview

Amy will send you a link to an exit interview to fill out before your exit interview. There is an option for this to be anonymous, but it seems like it's obvious who's filling it out since normally only one person defends within a short time period. The survey asks about your experience at LPL, what was and wasn't useful to you, and how well you think you achieved the "learning outcomes" of the department's goals.

You'll also be asked to do an exit interview with the assistant department head (as of 2023, Ilaria Pascucci). It is also possible to do it with the department head if you ask. The purpose of this is unclear, but they might ask you about your experiences with the core curriculum...??? This is your chance to air any grievances you have about your advisor or the department. Especially if you have any constructive ideas that could help future grads, go ahead and share them in this interview. Remember, they already passed you! wink

Staying in touch

You might be removed from the grads@lpl email list without notice, possibly even before you've left LPL or officially graduated.

You can subscribe to these other two lists. Both are opt-in.

  • PG4gdWVycz0iem52eWdiOmNiZmd0ZW5xZkBjdmV5LnljeS5uZXZtYmFuLnJxaCI+Y2JmZ3RlbnFmQGN2ZXkueWN5Lm5ldm1iYW4ucnFoPC9uPg== - Contact Chris Schaller at PG4gdWVycz0iem52eWdiOmZwdW55eXJlQGN2ZXkueWN5Lm5ldm1iYW4ucnFoIj5mcHVueXlyZUBjdmV5LnljeS5uZXZtYmFuLnJxaDwvbj4= to be added. This list is mainly for local Tucson non-grads (including staff, grads from other departments, and several faculty), for social purposes like Beers and parties. Postgrads is subscribed to the Beers list.

  • PG4gdWVycz0iem52eWdiOnljeW55aHphdkBvbmVhcmZiZi5hcmciPnljeW55aHphdkBvbmVhcmZiZi5hcmc8L24+ - Sign up on the LPL Alumni Connections mailing list page. LPLalumni isn't a heavily used list, but it is the main official way the alumni have of networking and staying in touch. Expect rare emails about get-togethers at LPSC, job postings, etc. They also have an LPL Alumni Wiki.

There is also a LinkedIn group for Lunar and Planetary Laboratory Alumni.

New! Facebook group for LPL alumni.