U of A Libraries

The University library has two major branches: the Main Library and the Science and Engineering Library. The Main Library houses the general reference and periodicals sections, general literature, map collection, special collections, and the reserve section. The Science Library has a scientific periodicals section, science circulation and reference, and several CD-ROM and on-line searchable databases like GeoRef and Quicksearch, which find references to papers and books based on keywords/authors/etc. Unfortunately, the UA libraries do not have most of the NASA Technical Memoranda (these are often useful references). Materials are loaned to grad students for 180 day periods but can be recalled at any time. The recall system allows you to get a book within a week, but this means that if your book is recalled, you have a week to return it before accumulating $1 a day fines. If you leave town for more than a week, return your books or have someone watch your mail for recall notices! If you find that a book you need is on loan, simply ask at the circulation desk for a recall. Both UA library catalogs are contained in the electronic filing system SABIO. SABIO terminals can be found in both libraries and can be accessed remotely through the Library Sabio site.

The LPL Library

The Lab has its own library that is not connected with the UA libraries. It is located on the fourth floor (room 409) and is accessible with your building key. It carries journals like Icarus, JGR, Nature, Science, etc., most of the Space Science Series books, and some texts. It also has a good reference section to your left as you enter. Checkout is on an honor system: sign the book card with your name and phone extension and leave it on the front desk. Also on the front desk is a bin with all the cards of books that are out. If you can't find a book on the shelf, check this bin to find out who has borrowed the book. Current journals can be signed out overnight, books for 6 months. Lisa Martin is the librarian and she is usually available in the mornings to assist you.

Student Lending Library

There is a collection of course materials, class notes, and fellowship application materials archived by past students for current and future students. The collection currently resides in Kuiper Room 331 (the 3rd floor printer room).