Career Development

Career Development Programs (from Dr. Christina Richey)

  • NASA Earth and Space Sciences Fellowships (more info on the Applying for Fellowships page)
    • The purpose of NESSF is to ensure continued training of a highly qualified workforce in disciplines needed to achieve NASA’s scientific goals
    • Planetary Science proposals are due early February each year via NSPIRES
  • NASA Postdoctoral Program (more info on the Postdocs page)
    • Provides NASA Centers with the responsibility to identify candidate postdoctoral opportunities that meet one or more of the following objectives: (a) conduct cutting edge scientific research consistent with NASA’s and SMD’s strategic objectives; (b) recruit the finest early career scientists for short-term, focused research opportunities; and (c) infuse new skills into, and revitalize, both new and existing research groups.
  • Early Career Fellowship (more info in the notes/slides above from Dr. Richey's proposal workshop)
    • Established to facilitate the integration of new discipline researchers into the established research funding programs and to provide tools and experience useful when searching for a more advanced (i.e., tenure-track, civil servant, or equivalent) position. Apply by being PI or Science PI of NASA ROSES grant proposal, checking the box for ECF and including an extra page of your CV. See notes above under Funding for more information.