Getting a Master's Degree

LPL admits its students only into a Ph.D. program. A Master's program is not an option initially. But perhaps you've determined that grad school and/or research isn't for you and that you would like to pursue a different path. You can then petition to switch into the Master of Science (M.S.) program and earn a Masters degree. The requirements are reduced: 30 graduate credit hours, 15 of which must consist of PTYS classes. There is no colloquium, TA, or minor requirement for the Masters. You'll also have to write up results from an original investigation in a Master's Thesis, form a three-member thesis committee, and defend your work in a public presentation. The procedures regarding the thesis and the defense are similar to the procedures regarding the PhD dissertation (formatting requirements, archiving, etc.). Consult the MS Requirements (PDF) document for more details.

Also, as of the Fall 2015, LPL now awards a supplemental Master's degree as a "reward" for passing your Ph.D. Oral Qualifying Exam as an en route Master's if you are continuing onto your PhD. You will need to do some paperwork after orals and pay the university some money, but #worthIt #allTheDegrees.

After you have completed your Oral Qualifying Exam, Amy Brenton should reach out to you with details on how to get your MS. In general, it will involve filling out these forms in GradPath, which you can find in your UAccess Student Center:

  1. Responsible Conduct of Research Statement (PTYSMS)
  2. Plan of Study (PTYSMS)
  3. Master's/Specialist Committee Appointment Form (PTYSMS)
  4. Master's/Specialist Completion Confirmation (PTYSMS)