Departmental Resources

Identification Cards

Before you do anything on campus, you'll need an ID card (CatCard). Before you get a CatCard, you will need to enroll for at least one class. It is usually wisest to do this before you arrive at LPL, if possible. When you arrive, take your official enrollment notice or acceptance letter to the CatCard office in the Student Union. They'll make you fill out some forms and have your picture taken, and your ID is usually ready after a short wait. As an RA or TA, your CatCard will entitle you to a 10% discount at the ASUA Bookstore when you show your ID.


When you get to LPL, you will need to be issued several keys, including your office key, but you will need a University ID card first. Follow the instructions above to get your ID, and take it to the business office. Keys usually take 2-3 working days to come in, so you may want to do this as soon as you get here. If you need access to your office immediately, ask to borrow the Academic Office key when you need to lock/unlock your door. When you need other keys in the course of your career here, consult the business office. You'll need your updated ID card and your room privilege card. Expect to wait 2-3 business days for your new keys.

Room Privilege Cards: When you are issued keys, you will get a room privilege card that indicates the places to which you have legal access. This card must be updated every time you return a key or are issued a new one and must get a validation sticker every year. Keep this card safe!! After hours, security may ask you for identification--this means your ID and room privilege card. Both must be current to keep you out of trouble. While this happens infrequently, it's always better safe than sorry.

Copier Facilities

The Department maintains two copy machines (one color and one grayscale), one on the 3rd floor in room 351a, and the other just off the library in room 409a. All copiers support document handlers and can collate, sort, and staple. None will accept coins or cards--access is permitted via code. See the Business Office for a code for personal use. Personal copies cost $0.05 each. For department-related copying (as for field trips, etc.) see the Business Office for the department code. You are also entitled to a copy code as a teaching assistant.

The University libraries also maintain copiers. The Main library copiers are coin-operated for $0.10 per copy. The Science Library has a central copy room where you use a copy counter and pay in cash (copies are $0.07 each). The LPL copy codes are not useable at the Main or Science libraries.

Forms and Supplies

Mailing envelopes and labels, hanging file folders, pens and pencils, and transparencies for general use can be found in the supply closet, which is room 335, next to the Business Office. The filing cabinet in the supply room holds various University and Department forms that you might need. If you need travel reimbursement forms, see the Academic Office.


Next to the Academic Office is the mailroom, where you will be assigned a mailbox. Your campus address is:

 Your Name
 LPL, Kuiper Space Sciences Bldg.
 The University of Arizona
 1629 E. University Blvd.
 Tucson, AZ 85721-0092

Also here are the Federal Express materials, the Department fax machine, outgoing campus and non-campus mail slots, and the courier service.

Federal Express: Materials are here for sending documents or small packages. You need an account number to use this service--check with your advisor for one, or for Department business, see the academic/business office. Make sure your name and/or account number are in the return field. The pickup at LPL is in the Business Office at 4:00 p.m.; the last pickup in the area is at the Airport at 6:00 p.m.

Fax machine: The LPL fax number is (520) 621-4933. You may receive transmissions at this number. If your name is on the cover, it will be put in your mailbox. For outgoing transmissions, you need an account number. Again, see your advisor or the academic office if you need to use this service.

Outgoing mail: Campus mail does not need a stamp. Write the recipient's name and department or building on the mail and put it in the campus mail slot. Off-campus mail can either be stamped or have an account number on it, and placed in the bin in the mailroom.

Couriers: Couriers work for the Academic Office and are responsible for mail and errands. If you need their service, please ask the academic office.


The university phones operate like normal phones. To reach a local number, either on- or off-campus, just dial the 7-digit number. The local calling area is basically the city of Tucson. The rest of the state, other states, or other countries are considered long-distance. If you need to make a long-distance call from campus on department business, you need an identification number set up for you and an account to charge the calls to. Please see your advisor or the academic office for an account number.

Bike Cage

Tucson is a bike-friendly city, and many graduate students opt to ride to school instead of taking chances with parking. Bikes may be locked up at either the bike rack in the front of LPL, or inside the bike cage under the stairwell on the NE corner of the Kuiper building. If you wish to use the bike cage, you should ask the business office for a key. Please keep the bike cage free of old, unsued bicycles and parts; unused items will be donated.


Pictures of the Lab inhabitants are featured in a display case in the third floor hallway near the copy machine. It is useful in helping you connect names and faces. Talk to Maria in the Space Imagery center if you would like to update your picture.