Astrobiology Graduate Minor

Astrobiology Graduate Minor

Research the origins, distribution, and evolution of life.


Astrobiology Minor

The University of Arizona offers one of the few astrobiology minor programs in the United States. Participating departments, listed below, offer coursework, advising, and research opportunities.

Participating departments:

Astrobiology graduate minor approval (PDF)



Minor Program Requirements

The astrobiology minor requires the completion of 9 units of astrobiology courses. The courses can be taken in any order. The astrobiology minor requires a 3.0 GPA.

For more information, please contact Amy Brenton or Professor Lucy Ziurys.

Amy Brenton
Kuiper Space Sciences 333
Professor Lucy Ziurys
Chemical Sciences Building 108

Get Involved

Get involved with the Arizona astrobiology community and learn about the Arizona Astrobiology Center.

The UArizona NASA Space Grant Program provides six graduate fellowships per year to exceptional graduate students interested in promoting the understanding of space-related research to the public.