Fuda Nguyen

PTYS/LPL Graduate Students

Kuiper 322


Fuda Nguyen (he/him)

PTYS Graduate Student

Exoplanets, Planetary Atmospheres, Planetary Formation and Evolution, Theoretical Astrophysics

B.S. Space Science & Engineering, 2020, Vietnam National University
Major Advisor(s): Dániel Apai

I am a graduate student working in exoplanet/ planetary-analog atmosphere. In my research, I conduct and analyze observations from TESS, HST, and PANDORA to monitor the evolution of cloud covers, circulation, and chemistry of atmospheres. I am a science team member of the PANDORA Small-Sat mission (NASA Pioneer Program, launching in 2025). My work with PANDORA will provide long-baseline spectrophotometry for a unique exploration of cool gaseous atmospheres. Before graduate school, I have an engineering degree from Vietnam National University with a short stint working as a data scientist. I am interested in outreach and advocacy for under-represented demographics in STEM and academia. In my free time, I'd like to write, stare at clouds, and biking.



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