Naman Bajaj

PTYS/LPL Graduate Students

Kuiper 324


Naman Bajaj

PTYS Graduate Student

Exoplanets, Planetary Atmospheres, Planetary Formation and Evolution

B.Tech Mechanical Engineering, 2021, College of Engineering Pune
Major Advisor(s): Ilaria Pascucci

Sandell, G., Reipurth, B., Vacca, W.D., and Bajaj, N.S., 2021. “FORCAST imaging of two small nearby Clusters: The Coronet and B59”, Astrophysical Journal, 920, 7

Bajaj, N.S., Patange, A.D., Jegadeeshwaran, R., Kulkarni, K.A., Ghatpande, R.S., and Kapadnis, A.M. 2022. "A Bayesian Optimized Discriminant Analysis Model for Condition Monitoring of Face Milling Cutter Using Vibration Datasets." ASME J Nondestructive Evaluation, ASME. 5(2): 021002

Patange, A. D., Jegadeeshwaran, R., Bajaj, N. S., Khairnar, A. N., Gavade, N. A. (2022). Application of Machine Learning for Tool Condition Monitoring in Turning. Sound & Vibration, 56(2), 127–145

Douglas, G. and Bajaj, N., 2020. “The Final Size of the Universe Based on the Elasticity of the Fabric of Spacetime”. Journal of High Energy Physics, Gravitation and Cosmology, 6, 450-461

Bajaj, N.S., Pardeshi, S.S., Patange, A.D., Khade, H.S. and Mate, K., 2021. "A comparative study of modified SIR and logistic predictors using local level database of COVID-19 in India", Information Discovery and Delivery, Emerald Publishing, 49, 3, 203

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