Planetary Sciences Graduate Minor

Planetary Sciences Graduate Minor

In-depth study of a topic within the broad discipline of planetary and solar systems science.

Galactic Giants Titan and Saturn

Planetary Sciences Minor

Students pursuing the Planetary Sciences minor must construct a sequence of courses, approved by the student's Minor Committee, which includes a combination of graduate courses that support a coherent theme relevant to planetary science. Upon completion of the minor program, students will exhibit an in-depth understanding of a subfield related to planetary sciences.

For PTYS/LPL graduate students

Planetary Sciences graduate minor approval (PDF)

For graduate students outside of PTYS/LPL

NON-Planetary Sciences major GRADUATE minor approval (PDF)

Europa’s Stunning Surface

Minor Program Requirements

The Planetary Sciences minor requires the completion of at least 9 credits (ABC graded) of graduate level courses. Independent study courses are not allowed. The minor courses are chosen in consultation with the student's Minor Committee. 

For more information, please contact Amy Brenton.

Amy Brenton
Kuiper Space Sciences 321
Graduate minor

Get Involved

Planetary Sciences minors are encouraged to attend department events such as:

  • Colloquia
  • Research group meetings
  • Journal Club
  • Coffee Klatsch

Please consult the department calendar or contact Amy Brenton for more information.

The UArizona NASA Space Grant Program provides six graduate fellowships per year to exceptional graduate students interested in promoting the understanding of space-related research to the public.