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Films are of Kuiper speaking in Dutch:

  • Reels 1 and 2 are untitled with date and location unknown.
  • Reel 3 and 4 are in his office showing a chart with date unknown
  • Reel 5 shows him at a conference with date unknown.

History of Science Collection:  LPL Scientists included in the collection are:
Drake, Michael J. (1972-2008)
Gehrels, Tom (1894-2011 with bulk 1960-2000)
Hunten, Donald M. (1925-2011 with bulk 1946-2010)
Kuiper, Gerard P. (1894-1992 with bulk 1949-1973)

The LPL Film Footage / compiled by David van Noortwijk (April 2001) is included under -- Series XVIII: Audiotapes, one filmstrip, and films -- Subseries 2: Films:

  • Lunar Bridgehead in 1964.
  • Ranger 7 Photographs of the Moon, Camera A Series on 31 July 1964.
  • Ranger 8 Television Pictures of the Moon on 20 February 1965.
  • G. P. Kuiper interviews in the 1960s. (3 films: 1 in English and 2 in Dutch)
  • Verover de Aarde, Vandaag de Maan with date unknown (mostly in Dutch)

Sonett, Charles P. (1962-2010 with bulk 1973-1997)
Wisniewski, Wieslaw Z. (1939-1990 with bulk 1976-1990)

Audio are of Kuiper speaking in English in MP3 and WAV formats:

  • Dedication speeches at Mauna Kea in 1964 (2 tapes)
  • Ewen Whitaker on 5 Jan 1974
  • Haleakala Report - date unknown (2 tapes)
  • Kuiper Lecture on Uranus and Neptune on 20 Mar 1967*
  • Memories of Kuiper by Thornton Page - date unknown*
  • Unidentified tape - date unknown (3 tapes)
  • Kuiper on KOLD-TV "Face the Issues" - date unknown
  • Dr. Kuiper recordings - date unknown (2 tapes)

Box Notes Images are jpeg images under the Audio section:

  • Dedication of Mauna Kea in 1964
  • Ewen Whitaker
  • Kuiper Lecture on 20 Mar 1967 (3 images)
  • Thornton Page

*NOTE:   These 2 audios are accessible without permission at an SIC Audio web page. In addition, this Audio web page has these additional tapes:

  • Ewen Whitaker, Memories of Gerard Kuiper (1974)
  • Gerard Kuiper, Ranger Mission Press Conference : Part 1 and 2 (1964)

History of Science Collection:  Lunar and Planetary materials included in the collection are:
Observations, Elements of the Orbit and Emphemeris of Swift's Comet, 1892, and Pleiades, 1899 (1892-1899)
Traite de l'horloge a pendule / Chretien Huygens (1673-1700)
Oral History are recordings of LPL scientists' interviews done by Melissa Lamberton Sevigny for her book, "Under desert skies : how Tucson mapped the way to the Moon and planets."
Phoenix Landing is a movie made on 25 May 2008 with Peter Smith and the Mars landing.
Photos are of early LPL scientists, the LPL building, the Ranger Mission, and of him Ewen Whitaker.
Power Points are of Hartmann, the early days of LPL, LPL History from 1960-2012, and Moontree photos.

Last updated: 25 July 2017