LRO: Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter

LRO Faculty

William Boynton


Lynn Carter

Associate Professor

Alfred McEwen

Regents' Professor

Other Researchers Working in LRO

Ali Bramson

Postdoctoral Research Associate

Veronica Bray

Associate Staff Scientist

Amanda Stadermann

PTYS Graduate Student

Sarah Sutton

PTYS Graduate Student, Scientist, Photogrammetry & Image Processing

Support Staff Working in LRO

Eva McDonough

Administrator, Research Information Systems

The LRO instruments return global data, such as day-night temperature maps, a global geodetic grid, high resolution color imaging and the moon's UV albedo. However there is particular emphasis on the polar regions of the moon where continuous access to solar illumination may be possible and the prospect of water in the permanently shadowed regions at the poles may exist. Although the objectives of LRO are explorative in nature, the payload includes instruments with considerable heritage from previous planetary science missions, enabling transition, after one year, to a science phase under NASA's Science Mission Directorate.