Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter


    Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter (MRO) has studied the Red Planet's atmosphere and terrain from orbit since 2006 and also serves as a key data relay station for other Mars missions, including the Mars Exploration Rover Opportunity.

    Equipped with a powerful camera called HiRISE that has aided in a number of discoveries, the Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter has sent back thousands of stunning images of the Martian surface that are helping scientists learn more about Mars, including the history of water flows on or near the planet's surface.

    MRO Faculty

    Lynn Carter

    Associate Professor, University Distinguished Scholar

    Earth, Lunar Studies, Planetary Analogs, Planetary Geophysics, Planetary Surfaces, Titan & Outer Solar System

    Virginia Gulick

    Research Professor

    Astrobiology, Planetary Analogs, Planetary Surfaces

    Jack Holt

    Professor, EDO Director

    Planetary Surfaces, Planetary Analogs, Earth, Planetary Geophysics

    Alfred McEwen

    Regents Professor

    Astrobiology, Lunar Studies, Planetary Analogs, Planetary Geophysics, Planetary Surfaces

    MRO Faculty

    Stefano Nerozzi

    Postdoctoral Research Associate

    Planetary Geophysics, Planetary Surfaces

    Sarah Sutton

    Photogrammetry Program Lead, HiRISE, Researcher/Scientist

    Earth, Lunar Studies, Planetary Analogs, Planetary Surfaces, Small Bodies

    MRO Faculty

    Nicole Bardabelias

    Science Operations Engineer, HiRISE

    Nicole Baugh

    Uplink Operations Lead, HiRISE

    Kristin Block

    Principal Science Operations Engineer, HiRISE

    Richard Leis

    Staff Technician, Senior, HiRISE

    Singleton Papendick

    Science Operations Engineer, HiRISE

    Earth, Planetary Surfaces

    Anjani Polit

    Mission Implementation Systems Engineer, OSIRIS-REx

    Christian Schaller

    Spacecraft Operations Software Engineer, HiRISE