Fall 2009 Faculty News

Faculty Profile: Tamara Rogers, Assistant Professor

My research involves trying to understand the gas motions and magnetic field generation in the solar interior. I generally approach this problem using large scale numerical simulations. The Sun is an excellent testbed for hydrodynamic and magnetohydrodynamic theory because of the strict observational constraints provided by helioseismology.

I was a University of Arizona undergraduate, did my Ph.D. in Santa Cruz and a postdoc in Boulder, so I have been able to live in a lot of nice places. Before I was a student I was in the Air Force, where I was in intelligence. I was stationed in Alaska, so you can imagine what kind of work I did. When I am not working I spend most of my time exercising in one form or another. I particularly like running, climbing and crossfit. I have two dogs, Io and Genius, not appropriately named, and a boyfriend who lives across an ocean, so I spend a lot of time in an airplane.