Spring 2011 Graduate Student News

2011 Galileo Circle Scholarships

Five PTYS/LPL graduate students were recipients of a Galileo Circle Scholarship. This is one of the most prestigious awards bestowed on students in the College of Science. The awards are made possible by the generous donations of members of the Galileo circle, a society of individuals who support excellence in the sciences at the University of Arizona.

Congratulations to the recipients of the 2011 College of Science Galileo Cirle Scholarships:
Ingrid Daubar Spitale
Ingrid Daubar Spitale (Alfred McEwen)

Nikole Lewis
Nikole Lewis (Adam Showman)

Jamie Molaro
Jamie Molaro (Shane Byrne)

Kathryn Volk
Kathryn Volk (Renu Malhotra)

John Weirich
John Weirich (Tim Swindle).